Vets and The Carpet

Buddy’s home!  He’s definitely better but we’ve been warned that the kidney failure is pretty advanced and well……who knows.  He’ll have to have rehydration everyday….which my daughter knows how to do and once a week he’ll have to go for a shot of something that will help with the anemia.  Cha ching, cha ching…..but what else can I do?  He’s quite happy albeit a little less active so we’ll just keep an eye on him.  He goes back for more lab work next week and hopefully we continue to see a bit of improvement.  The vet thinks his lab numbers have pretty well stabilized now, still not terrific but a lot better than they were.

Today Home Depot is replacing my carpet, yet again!  It’s such a pain to have to move everything out of that room.  I’ve moved lamps and the end tables but they’re going to have to move the rest of the furniture, which luckily for them isn’t a lot right now.  Two chairs….one of which is the recliner….and a coffee table.  It’s just so disruptive and I don’t have a lot of confidence in their installation people right now….I don’t know what I’ll do if there is another problem!!

They seem to think they are providing me with great service, which I could debate but whatever……what they don’t seem to understand is the hassle involved in this whole mess.  The phone calls, their installation people looking for “flaws”, the waiting for the carpet to be reordered, then moving all the crap out of there etc. etc.  And the waste of another day!  They’re supposed to be here between 12 and 2.  The old carpet has to be taken out first, so that will basically be my whole afternoon!

Bev is coming over later, for moral support just in case there is a problem….which, even though there shouldn’t be, I am anticipating something based on my last two experiences with them.  NEVER, EVER will I order carpet from them again…..NEVER!!




Picking Away…..

That’s what I’m doing…..picking away at “stuff”.

Yesterday turned out so nice it seemed like a waste to spend it inside, so I moved my “get rid of crap” project outside.

I think I’ve done a pretty good job slowly picking away at all the junk that had accumulated under the deck (on the new patio!) while the garage was being built.  There was just no where else to put all the stuff out of the shed.  My BILs had came over one day last summer and helped me go through a lot of things, so I thought I’d kept all the “essentials”.  But in reality, now that I look at some of it, and maybe because enough time has gone by and I haven’t used it, needed it, or felt some sort of attachment to whatever,  it’s going too.

The only thing left under there now is an old table, that I’m keeping to use for potting plants, the plastic fold up lawn chairs (that I can never get folded properly….I think they’ll go too!), and a swing set that I took from my BIL/SIL when they were moving….which I’ve now decided I won’t set up…it’s just too big for my yard.  I should have taken a picture!  I didn’t do a before one…or maybe I do have one lurking somewhere which I can post someday….and it’s so miserable out this morning I’m not going down there now.  I’m glad I got the rest of it done yesterday.

I did have to put together the 4th shelving unit and set it up in the garage….I just so didn’t want it to be the new “dumping spot” but it made sense I think.  I have bagged and stored all the outdoor cushions, the 3 cat carriers and all the bits of gardening stuff on it.

I’m pretty sure that any man would laugh at my garage set up…..but, oh well.  I can’t even say that it’s “working” for me because there is still stuff I want to get rid of in there.  I hesitated to chuck all the screwdrivers, hammers (3 of them!), wrenches (one in every size – imperial and metric) and little packages of screws and nails.  The newest addition (from under the deck) to the garage are tarps!  BIG tarps.  An orange one, a green one, a blue one and a couple of clear ones… there a tarp colour protocol? Do they mean something?  Why did we have so many….back in the old camping days, yes but now?   I keep one (blue) in the truck for loads that need to be covered and used the green one for the bottom of truck bed when I went to get some gravel.  The clear ones are probably good for painting…..but will I actually do the painting myself?  Maybe that old wooden chair and dresser one day….

I’m so glad I’m retired!  Picking my way through stuff….any stuff is really quite therapeutic. I still often look at things and sometimes think about the last time they got used, what they were used for or even “what the heck is that”.   I’d never have done any of this if I was still working.  It would all just be sitting wherever and I’d either be having anxiety attacks over what to do with all of it, or I’d be adding to the piles making it even worse.   Now that most of the tools, power and otherwise, have their places, I can figure out what I do need vs what I think I should keep….just because.  For me some things just won’t get used….like chainsaws (a big one and a small one)…..they scare me…but then I think maybe one day I (or someone!!) will need to cut down a tree (a small one of course) or get rid of a bush or maybe use the small one to lop off those tree roots that are in the way of my sidewalk that needs to get put in…..

Bev and I played cards last night… a good, quiet, fun  ending to a productive day!

Buddy is doing even better still!  Hooray.  If his lab work is good this morning he may be able to come home today.  I hope so….I really do miss him.




Buddy’s Better

A little bit at least.

The vet called first thing yesterday morning with his lab results…..not good!  He was in severe renal failure.  I had to take him in ASAP so they could start IV fluids and some other med that will, or should, help to reverse some of the damage.

He’ll be there on fluids for 48 hours, at which point we’ll see if there is any improvement.  The vet called with an update around dinner time to let us know that he was perkier and eating.  My daughter and I popped into to visit him on the way to dinner….we took the blanket from his basket….and he did seem to be much better than he had been in the morning.  The assistant said she was pleased that he’d been eating.  The IV fluids have to be pumped in very slowly as he also has a heart murmur….to fast and it could cause congestive heart failure.  I’m hoping to hear from them soon this morning, with better and maybe even good news……

I used to save all the vet bills…..this last few months I’ve just been throwing them away.  I’m afraid to add up what I’ve spent in the last year but it really doesn’t matter anyway because I’d probably just about bankrupt myself doing whatever is possible to keep my kitties….they are worth every dime of whatever it is I’ve spent!

I’m on a roll today, like I started out yesterday until I had to rush Buddy into the vets.  I was trying to reorganize a corner in the spare room in the basement for all my daughters stuff that is coming to my house.  Some of it’s is already down there but just sort of thrown in a corner helter skelter.  Lots of boxes…..overflowing boxes…..which I’d like to repack and be able to close the boxes or put the lids on the ones that have them so they’ll stack up neatly-ish.

I just wish I could get everything done that I want done!  It’s all coming along slowly, at a pace that I can do myself.  I’m trying to get all the inside stuff done before the good weather starts, which is still a few months away, so I can work on my patio and yard.  That too won’t move along as quickly as I like but that’s just how it is.  If I had a ton of money I’d hire someone to come in and do it but that’s not the case so I have to do what I can on my own.  I’m not much of a gardener, which is a good thing I guess…..whatever I do will be pretty simple, nothing too elaborate because I know I wouldn’t keep it up, but it’s still got to look nice and be someplace that I can enjoy.  I will stay off that Houzz website so I don’t get any grandiose ideas!!


Wall Unit Gone!

Hooray!  No one wanted it…..all the places I called had an over abundance of donated furniture so no room for my old wall unit.  I decided that I’d just drop it off at Value Village….but they didn’t want it either!  The dump is almost right across the highway…..that’s where it ended up.

It did pain me a bit to just push that thing off the back of the truck into the piles of garbage but it would have pained me even more to drive back home with it.  It certainly didn’t owe me anything.  My parents had it for years, we had it for at least 20 years so definitely got our moneys worth out of it.  The sad part was that there was absolutely nothing wrong with it!!  But some things just have to go and that was one of them.

Yesterday I made up for some of the laziness/pity partying from the day before but still wasn’t terribly motivated to do much of anything.

I did take my cat, Buddy, to the vet… he’s not eating!!  Labs will be in today, but sounds like it may be thyroid, along with a heart murmur and possibly some kidney issues…I hope it’s nothing more than that….that’s enough!  Poor guy wasn’t even keen on going outside yesterday….usually he’s right at the door at 8AM (his time to go out) meowling or he’s under my feet when I’m making my coffee waiting for his food.  I’ll have to call them this afternoon to get the lab results….my fingers are crossed that it’s all fixable.  He’s one of the “kittens”, but is 16 years old.  My poor cats are dropping like flies…..I know they’re all old and this is what happens but they were all so spunky and  then WHAM……it’s hard to deal with all this.

Today I have another long list to work off of…..but I’ve got a lot of energy this morning and feeling pretty upbeat about getting is all done.  I just have to stay focused on what I’m doing, which seems to be the hard part for me.  I’m very easily distracted by anything and everything.  I’ll not turn on the TV, I’ll not open my computer (after I post this) and I’ll not open any drawer, cupboard or closet unless it’s to put something away!!

Ken always used to say….”finish one thing at a time”.  It would drive him a little crazy when I’d make more of a mess “cleaning” than there was when I started…..I do try not to do that but sometimes completely emptying something and making a bit pile in one place is easier than trying to sort through bits and pieces here and there.  For me, that pile is right in your face, so you have to deal with it.



Wasted Day

Seriously…….how could it have turned into 3PM so quickly!?

I had way too much on my “to do” list, so just ignored the whole thing.  Now, today, I’m so mad at myself for doing that.  It seemed like a good thing yesterday…..I told myself I just needed one of those down days to do nothing, which is exactly what I ended up doing.

But I didn’t really need that do nothing day… kind of started out good then morphed into me being overwhelmed and feeling a bit sorry for myself!

If, if, if, if………..that’s where the morning went….thinking that IF it wasn’t just me I wouldn’t have to go and get the permit for the truck….I wouldn’t have to take that wall unit to the SA……I wouldn’t have to go out and bring in the garbage bins, I wouldn’t have to call the HD carpet installers….clean the litter box and pick up some more kitty litter….and on and on I went in my head.   Whiney or what??

I have those kinds of days every now and again, still!  I would have been quite happy to just unpack from my little mini vacation, throw in some laundry, run the vacuum over the floors and leave all the rest of it for Ken.  Those were his kinds of jobs.

Most days I don’t even think about stuff like this anymore….I just do it because it has to be done and there is only me to do it…and I don’t mind.  That is just how it is now.  I don’t think about it, I just do it.

So yesterday I kind of had my own little “pity party” day….but I sure wish I’d at least done a couple of things on that damn list because they are all still there to do today!  Today is a better day though, so I’ll hopefully get some of it accomplished.

About the only thing that did get done was getting my daughters apartment finally listed.  The condo market hasn’t gone crazy like the housing market, so I thought the asking price was a little on the low side but I guess the real estate lady is right in that it has to be realistic or you don’t even get inquiries.  They provide a “staging” service for free!  I think this is a great idea.  The apartment is pretty sparse right now as it is since we’ve already gotten rid of all the personal type stuff, like pictures.  They’ll have a walk thru with the stager today or tomorrow and then let us know what else we need to get rid of.  She was quite impressed with the apartment and even most of the décor that we had left, so I hope we don’t have to move too much more…at least not all the heavy stuff, like bookcases.  AND the most important thing I need to remember here is that THIS IS NOT MY APARTMENT!!  I sat back as much as I could and let her and my daughter do the talking…..I was only there for moral support….really, really……

OK…..I am off and running this morning….to make up for all my “partying” yesterday……argh!



A “Funtastic” Time

I had so much fun!  Lots of laughs, lots of great food, good wine and great friends…..what more could anyone ask for.  And the weather was terrific….lots of sun and clear sky to appreciate the fantastic view.


Part of the view……it’s just beautiful. I’ll have to figure out how to do panoramic photos Lots of ships, ferries, barges and soon the Alaska cruise ships….

Their house is lovely…..a tad big considering they were “downsizing”.  Lots of room for entertaining because they’re expecting a lot of visitors, which I’m pretty sure they’ll get.  It’s definitely some place that I think I’ll be visiting often.

I had a great time but thought of Ken often…..he would have loved sitting on that deck with the binoculars.   A couple times I came close to having a tear or two.  Because I miss him so much and because I have such good friends who don’t care that there is just “me”…….I am so, so lucky.


The full moon over the water……just lovely!

Back to reality yesterday afternoon though.  Got home just arount 10AM and back out the door at noon.  Picked up my ex-SIL for an appointment then a bit of shopping and browsing  and back to her place for a great dinner.  She’s lived on her own for a lot of years so meal prep wasn’t the highlight of her life but now that it’s essential she puts back  on a few pounds she’s taking food much more seriously and making the effort to put together proper meals.  Because she’s doing really well, she’s enjoying having friends over for dinner again. I understand this now… for two is definitely better than cooking for one!  The treatments are working and I hope that it continues for a long time.

Lots of things on my to do list today…..the first two must get done, the rest will hopefully get done too but……

I’ve got to get that wall unit and truck out of my garage, so that’s the first thing on the agenda this morning…..getting the permit and getting it off the Salvation Army.  I have to phone first to make sure they “have room” for it in their shop.  If they don’t I guess I’m off to the dump with it….i just know it’s going somewhere!  The second thing is getting the “reciprocity fee” for Argentina.  I’ll do it online but their site is a bit confusing so I’ll bite the bullet and pay a visa outfit the extra fee to get it done right and right away.



Packed and Ready

For a fun filled couple of days!


A bottle of red for Shirl, a bottle of bubbly to celebrate, a couple of bottles for me. Potatoes oiled and herbed, BBQ sauce and Greek rub ready to go for the ribs and some “healthy” low sodium chips….lol like that will help!

The weather, at least so far this morning, is cooperating.  But it was cold last night….even a bit of frost.  I hope it holds for the short ferry ride AND warms up a bit.

I can’t wait to see their new place.  It’s where Shirley has wanted to move to forever.  It is pretty nice over there and from the pictures, it looks like they have spectacular water view.

Yesterday was not a terribly productive day.  I did manage to get dressed and going by 1PM!  Then my daughter and I went shopping for new glasses and shoes…..neither of which we were successful with.  I was overwhelmed by the choice for frames….so far I only need reading glasses.  My good, prescription glasses are a few years old now and as much as I don’t like the idea of needing stronger ones, I’m going to have to bite the bullet and get my eyes tested.  Oh well…..

I did not see one single solitary pair of shoes that I liked.  Nada….I was looking for something casual, to wear with jeans, a little bit of a heel and NOT pointy!  I’ll just keep looking I guess.  Everything has wedge heels now and I don’t think my feet a big enough to wear them….they look like little clubs on the end of my legs….and I think people walk funny in them.  Oh dear….am I getting old or what!!

For the next couple of days, I’m just going to relax, drink some good wine, eat delicious food and enjoy the company of some great friends!  I may not post for the next couple of days but I’ll see….


Quiet Lazy Day

So far…’s after 11 and I’m still in my jammies!  I haven’t had many days like this lately.

Plan was to head over to the kids, but that isn’t going to work out today.  I’ll hang around here puddling around with whatever I can find to do….there isn’t a lack of things to do but I’m not making a list today….I’ll just play it by ear as I come across things.

TV on the weekend afternoons isn’t terribly exciting, so I won’t do that….maybe I’ll read.

Tomorrow I’m heading over to my friends place for a couple of days.  R & G are picking me up around 11 so we can make the 12:40 ferry.  I hope the weather is good because that is a spectacular trip if it’s nice out.

We’re taking dinner for the first night.  I’ve make BBQ sauce and a Greek sauce for the ribs.  I’ll get the potatoes ready tonight…..throw them in a baggy with some olive oil and herbs….then they can just be put in the oven at dinner time.  Of course I’ve got wine…..a bottle of Shirley’s fav, one of the bottles of bubbly that I got last year when I retired (I still have 2 more!) and some white for me.  R is making a salad and Eton Mess for dessert… of my favs.  Really easy to get everything ready ahead of time and then just put it all together….

At first she didn’t want us to bring dinner!  We beat her back on that one…..she can’t possibly be expected to continually feed company when they come over.  She can do dinner the next night, or maybe we’ll just go out!

It will be a fun couple of days.  But it’s kind of one of those things…..I’ll be getting a ride over with friends….partly to share the cost of the ferry….but mainly because there is just me!  Ken and I would have taken out own car and probably done a bit of touring around while we were there and I have another friend over there so I could have gone and had a quick visit with her.  This is just easier I guess……of course, I won’t always be going over with someone and going there on my own isn’t that big of a deal….I’ll probably go again in March.



Today Will Be Better

Yesterday was such a sad day for us…..lots of tears.  Regardless of it being the right thing to do, you can’t help but feel the loss of beloved pet.  We will miss him a lot.

Today is another “unload a bunch of stuff” day.  The charity people called last week for a pick up today so I’ve been busy purging and purging……all those pretty decorative pillows that I bought for the furniture we had 15 years ago….why on earth did I still have them?  They don’t go with any of the furniture I have now, so even though  they’re very nice, why keep them?  And books…..I did keep some but, no matter how much I enjoyed them,  I’ll never read them again. Years ago a few of us used to trade books, which was great but now with just about everyone having e-readers of some kind or another, that doesn’t happen anymore.

It really makes me feel good to get rid of stuff like this.  I had a hard time before parting with “things” but I’ve changed!  In a good way I think.

Since I’m on a bit of roll, if I have time, before the truck gets here I’m going to try and go through the coat closet in the entry…..I still have some of Ken’s coats and jackets in there, which are just a reminder every single time I open that closet.  They should go…right?


Saying Goodbye To Tigger

Just so, so sad.

He stopped eating a couple of days ago….still sipping water every now and again but just so weak now he can hardly get around.  Yesterday the vet was hoping that he was just very dehydrated so gave him fluids and a shot of a pain med as well as a dose of some nausea medicine.  We came home with a bag of fluids to try today but I don’t think we will.  What she gave him yesterday didn’t really do anything and that last thing he needs today is anymore stress.

My daughter slept in the family room with him last night where he was close to the litter box and some water….just to sad to see him like this.

We know what we have to do, which is one of the hardest things in the whole world……you hang on, probably way too long, just hoping and praying that all of a sudden he’s going to perk up and be just like he used to be, but you just know in your heart of hearts that isn’t going to happen. He doesn’t seem to be in pain or distress, just laying there, even purring when you pat him….gets up to have a sip of water and then just lays back down.  I was really and truly hoping that he would just pass quietly in his sleep last night…is that a terrible thing?  It was because I, or we, didn’t want to have to make that difficult decision today.  Very selfish on our part but……….

I know you can’t compare the grief for a person to that of a pet.  It’s very different I KNOW that!  But it’s still grief isn’t it?  That sadness and emptiness that you feel is still hard to deal with.  That pet has given you a lot of happiness….and in my case….a lot of comfort over the years.  Tigger is a “lovey” cat and to see him this way breaks my heart.  They are so helpless in many ways and rely on us, their human parents, to look after them and do what’s right, which we have to do no matter how much it may hurt for us.

He’s almost 19 and had a great life with us but that doesn’t make it easier…

We’re going to miss him so much…, so much.