A “Funtastic” Time

I had so much fun!  Lots of laughs, lots of great food, good wine and great friends…..what more could anyone ask for.  And the weather was terrific….lots of sun and clear sky to appreciate the fantastic view.


Part of the view……it’s just beautiful. I’ll have to figure out how to do panoramic photos Lots of ships, ferries, barges and soon the Alaska cruise ships….

Their house is lovely…..a tad big considering they were “downsizing”.  Lots of room for entertaining because they’re expecting a lot of visitors, which I’m pretty sure they’ll get.  It’s definitely some place that I think I’ll be visiting often.

I had a great time but thought of Ken often…..he would have loved sitting on that deck with the binoculars.   A couple times I came close to having a tear or two.  Because I miss him so much and because I have such good friends who don’t care that there is just “me”…….I am so, so lucky.


The full moon over the water……just lovely!

Back to reality yesterday afternoon though.  Got home just arount 10AM and back out the door at noon.  Picked up my ex-SIL for an appointment then a bit of shopping and browsing  and back to her place for a great dinner.  She’s lived on her own for a lot of years so meal prep wasn’t the highlight of her life but now that it’s essential she puts back  on a few pounds she’s taking food much more seriously and making the effort to put together proper meals.  Because she’s doing really well, she’s enjoying having friends over for dinner again. I understand this now…..cooking for two is definitely better than cooking for one!  The treatments are working and I hope that it continues for a long time.

Lots of things on my to do list today…..the first two must get done, the rest will hopefully get done too but……

I’ve got to get that wall unit and truck out of my garage, so that’s the first thing on the agenda this morning…..getting the permit and getting it off the Salvation Army.  I have to phone first to make sure they “have room” for it in their shop.  If they don’t I guess I’m off to the dump with it….i just know it’s going somewhere!  The second thing is getting the “reciprocity fee” for Argentina.  I’ll do it online but their site is a bit confusing so I’ll bite the bullet and pay a visa outfit the extra fee to get it done right and right away.




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