Quiet Lazy Day

So far…..it’s after 11 and I’m still in my jammies!  I haven’t had many days like this lately.

Plan was to head over to the kids, but that isn’t going to work out today.  I’ll hang around here puddling around with whatever I can find to do….there isn’t a lack of things to do but I’m not making a list today….I’ll just play it by ear as I come across things.

TV on the weekend afternoons isn’t terribly exciting, so I won’t do that….maybe I’ll read.

Tomorrow I’m heading over to my friends place for a couple of days.  R & G are picking me up around 11 so we can make the 12:40 ferry.  I hope the weather is good because that is a spectacular trip if it’s nice out.

We’re taking dinner for the first night.  I’ve make BBQ sauce and a Greek sauce for the ribs.  I’ll get the potatoes ready tonight…..throw them in a baggy with some olive oil and herbs….then they can just be put in the oven at dinner time.  Of course I’ve got wine…..a bottle of Shirley’s fav, one of the bottles of bubbly that I got last year when I retired (I still have 2 more!) and some white for me.  R is making a salad and Eton Mess for dessert…..one of my favs.  http://britishfood.about.com/od/strawberryrecipes/r/etonmess.htm  Really easy to get everything ready ahead of time and then just put it all together….

At first she didn’t want us to bring dinner!  We beat her back on that one…..she can’t possibly be expected to continually feed company when they come over.  She can do dinner the next night, or maybe we’ll just go out!

It will be a fun couple of days.  But it’s kind of one of those things…..I’ll be getting a ride over with friends….partly to share the cost of the ferry….but mainly because there is just me!  Ken and I would have taken out own car and probably done a bit of touring around while we were there and I have another friend over there so I could have gone and had a quick visit with her.  This is just easier I guess……of course, I won’t always be going over with someone and going there on my own isn’t that big of a deal….I’ll probably go again in March.




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