Wasted Day

Seriously…….how could it have turned into 3PM so quickly!?

I had way too much on my “to do” list, so just ignored the whole thing.  Now, today, I’m so mad at myself for doing that.  It seemed like a good thing yesterday…..I told myself I just needed one of those down days to do nothing, which is exactly what I ended up doing.

But I didn’t really need that do nothing day…..it kind of started out good then morphed into me being overwhelmed and feeling a bit sorry for myself!

If, if, if, if………..that’s where the morning went….thinking that IF it wasn’t just me I wouldn’t have to go and get the permit for the truck….I wouldn’t have to take that wall unit to the SA……I wouldn’t have to go out and bring in the garbage bins, I wouldn’t have to call the HD carpet installers….clean the litter box and pick up some more kitty litter….and on and on I went in my head.   Whiney or what??

I have those kinds of days every now and again, still!  I would have been quite happy to just unpack from my little mini vacation, throw in some laundry, run the vacuum over the floors and leave all the rest of it for Ken.  Those were his kinds of jobs.

Most days I don’t even think about stuff like this anymore….I just do it because it has to be done and there is only me to do it…and I don’t mind.  That is just how it is now.  I don’t think about it, I just do it.

So yesterday I kind of had my own little “pity party” day….but I sure wish I’d at least done a couple of things on that damn list because they are all still there to do today!  Today is a better day though, so I’ll hopefully get some of it accomplished.

About the only thing that did get done was getting my daughters apartment finally listed.  The condo market hasn’t gone crazy like the housing market, so I thought the asking price was a little on the low side but I guess the real estate lady is right in that it has to be realistic or you don’t even get inquiries.  They provide a “staging” service for free!  I think this is a great idea.  The apartment is pretty sparse right now as it is since we’ve already gotten rid of all the personal type stuff, like pictures.  They’ll have a walk thru with the stager today or tomorrow and then let us know what else we need to get rid of.  She was quite impressed with the apartment and even most of the décor that we had left, so I hope we don’t have to move too much more…at least not all the heavy stuff, like bookcases.  AND the most important thing I need to remember here is that THIS IS NOT MY APARTMENT!!  I sat back as much as I could and let her and my daughter do the talking…..I was only there for moral support….really, really……

OK…..I am off and running this morning….to make up for all my “partying” yesterday……argh!




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