Done, Done, Done!

Finally….so worth it to rag on those guys on Saturday night.  Yesterday, Bev helped with the storage locker and the final clean up, which was a quick vacuum and that was it!

Needless to say there were a few tears…..her first apartment sold.  She lived there for 7 years and had made a nice little home for herself.  It was a great apartment too…..just not in the right location for her.  Long drive to and from work, especially now that she doesn’t have a car pooler anymore and a long way from where her friends live.  She can save some money over the next year and hope like hell there is a housing market crash so she can get into another apartment in a better location.

In the meantime my garage is full….ah sigh.  At least I can still park my car in there, which I guess is the main thing.  She’ll work her way through all the boxes…keeping here and going to storage….which will happen sooner than later I hope.

Today I have lots to do, but stuff I want to do as opposed to stuff that needs to be done….I like days like this.  My choice…I just have to decide what I want to do first and then actually finish doing it!

And to make it all even a better day, it’s beautiful….warm and sunny.  I hope we’ve seen the end of the socks and coat days for the rest of the summer.

I also have babies…..birdies!  A baby hummingbird and a baby chickadee.  The babies are just learning to fly and find some odd places to perch….the screen door, my spokes on my umbrella (bird poop on the table…argh), the wind chime.  The mommy chickadee gets the food from the feeder and takes it to baby wherever he/she might have landed and feeds it….I guess giving it a taste of what’s in the feeder.  This morning I think baby managed to land on the feeder him/herself.  The baby hummingbird is half the size of mom and seems to have gotten the hang of the feeder OK although sometimes heads right over to me, so much so that I think it might poke me with that long beak!  So cute and so much fun to watch….I could sit out there for hours (in the sun!) just watching them.

Tomorrow I’m heading out into the boonies to visit my BIL/SIL.  I’ll head out early and drop the keys off for my daughter at the real estate office (new owner gets possession tomorrow at noon) then the 1+ hour drive out to their place.  We’re going golfing at 1, so I hope it’s nice out but not too hot.  Back to their place for dinner and I’ll do a sleepover so I can have a glass of wine….or two.  It will be a nice little break from all the busy-ness that’s gone on around here.



Only The Apartment Locker To Go!

But that wouldn’t have been the case had I not pushed those two to their limits…..or mine!

After an early dinner they were ready to pack it in….we started around 11.  In all fairness they were very tired…..but so was I.  My daughter had been off at a Medieval Festival type thing…..something that had been planned eons ago with a bunch of friends.  Normally I would have had a bit of a snit fit and gone on about her priorities/responsibilities etc. with the May 31 deadline looming but I also hate to see her not doing these things with her friends.  She can have a real problem with her social life when her depression kicks in….right now, other than whining about packing/moving, she’s been managing her stress really well, which she’s not necessarily known to be able to do, so I thought it important that she go.  She was home and ready to get back into it by 3ish.

My son picked up the big van from work, which was great because we not only got the boxspring and mattress in it, we got the sofa and towers for her entertainment unit in too….along with a bunch of other stuff to fill spaces.  His only problem was that he’d been sick on Thursday night….he took Friday off work, which isn’t like him to miss a day unless absolutely necessary.  His butt was dragging a bit but between him and I we got the bed and sofa to my house, including getting them IN the house and the rest of the furniture to storage unit.

Then it was dinner time……and they thought they were finished!  Hah!  There were still small bits and pieces (night tables, a small bookcase, kitchen chairs and a few boxes) that we hadn’t been able to fit in the van for that first run.  They thought we’d finish doing that today……no, no, no!  We had one more load and my theory was lets just get it done and out of there.  AND….after a little bit of whining and me saying I’d just go myself then because I was really done with this moving business and didn’t want to move a thing the next day….they just knew that I wouldn’t be worth talking to if they didn’t!

It was 10PM by the time we’d got everything to my house.  Van loaded, my car and my daughters car loaded and all unloaded (most of it in my garage!!).  Whatever is going to storage, which is only a few things, she can easily take over the next week or so after she gets home from work.

Today my good old friend Bev is coming to help unload the locker.  It’s a pretty big one and fairly full…..mostly books in boxes….but I think between my car and her car we’ll be able to get it emptied and back to my house (ah sigh……).

I really am a terrible enabler…..none of this should have been my responsibility and in all fairness my daughter has done a lot but I do think that without my little bit of pushing and being bitchy, she would be at the apartment at midnight on the 30th still looking at boxes….

At some point today I also have to get up to the hospital to see my ex-SIL…..she is not doing very well at all.  A tumour is blocking one of her airways, which is why she’s been so short of breath lately.  It’s so not good that my nieces are on their way from Alberta.

So one more busy day for me and I hope that is it for a while.  Although…..moving her sofa and chair into my family room has caused me to have a design dilemma….big furniture and just where to put it so it looks nice and the seating is useful for watching TV.  I did a lot of it last night before I went to bed…..because I just couldn’t stand it all in their helter skelter.  My recliner is going into the “spare room” downstairs, which is now more of a storage room than anything else…..back to being what I used to refer to as my “indoor garage”.  Oh well, I keep telling myself it’s only on a temporary basis….right??


Moving Is Just About Done!

Only the big stuff that we couldn’t get in my car or truck is left to move.  My son brought home the big van from work for us to use to get the rest of it moved today…..thank goodness!

This is really hard work!  Especially for two women…..we’re pretty tough but……

The weather also hasn’t been terribly cooperative……rain on and off, usually just at the point where we have to unload the truck onto the dolly at the storage locker!!  Torrential downpour yesterday just as I pulled up to the storage locker with all her real wood furniture in the truck.  Luckily we’d covered it with a couple of blankets and a tarp.  The downpour lasted about 5 minutes but, other than a little pooling in the bed of the truck, nothing got too wet.  We quickly got everything out of the truck and on to the dolly and just shoved it in the hallway of the locker, then unloaded all the other stuff out of the back of my car……just in time before the next downpour started!  This same scenario happened not just once, but twice yesterday….argh.

Back to the apartment to collect the last bit and we were done for the day….physically at least!

I parked my car outside while we were loading the truck in the underground….we got everything else down to the parking lot into a sort of “loading area” and I went to get my car to bring in and load up and this is what I found….

What a jerk!  He had tons of room to park that big honking truck but chose to park 6 inches away from my car.  He seems to think that spot is his own personal parking place but it’s not….it’s a public road/cul de sac.  I’ve posted it on his companys facebook page  Mission Towing  …..not the best PR for them.  I wasn’t going to but then I thought what if I were handicapped and couldn’t have got into my car on the passenger side.  I did, but just not what I needed at the end of a long day of moving!  Needless to say I had a few choice words for him….except of course he wasn’t there but I was ready to take on anyone at that point had he been!

Came home and poured myself a lovely glass of wine, only to knock it over after I stepped on the cat who was waiting patiently right at my foot for her dinner….cat food, wine, glass everywhere and a now limping cat!  All I could do at that point was laugh….while I cleaned it all up and started all over again.

Bed came pretty early last night…..and I got a really good sleep, which is just what I need for today to get back at it.




Kudos to Speedy Auto Glass!

Very good customer service!  Not sure if they are in Canada only….maybe in the US under a different name???  Just really happy with these guys…..

It’s one of those “man jobs” that I really don’t like doing, but there isn’t much I can do about it, is there!  What do I know about getting something like this fixed….not rocket science but just not anything that I would normally have had to deal with……

This is a bit of a vent, rant and rave about that window in my little truck.  First off how and why it happened, who knows but at the end of the day I’m not only inconvenienced, I’m also out a couple hundred bucks….just a little annoying.

Called a bunch of glass places and Speedy was the only one that would give me a estimate/quote over the phone AND come to my house to replace the window.  All the other places I called said they don’t do estimates over the phone… have to bring it in just in case there is something else wrong…..LIKE WHAT?  Speedy, no problem…all the guy on the phone needed was the make, model and year of the truck, which is what I thought all the others would need too because like how many different windows are there for that kind of truck?

AND….the first thing all those other glass places asked me was “what is your insurance deductible for glass” when I told them $300, they ALL said it would be at least that much….I be thinking that our good old ICBC (provincial insurance corp) is getting royally ripped off by these guys, no???  So they couldn’t give me an estimate over the phone but they could tell me it was going to cost at least what my deductible was….hmmmm.

Speedy did not ask me that!!  For the mobile service, glass, labour and whatever else they charge for, the total was going to be $367.00 and they would take care of the insurance claim portion. I’d still be out the $300 but at least I wouldn’t have to do the paperwork.  So I don’t think they are really any more expensive than the other glass places (since it was still “at least” $300), but certainly more convenient that they’d come to my house to do the repair.  This was a bit of bonus because I’d just got the truck insured for driving….had storage insurance on it for the winter….and of course the battery was dead so I couldn’t have taken it anywhere anyway, certainly not right away.

They have a computer or something in their trucks so he could do the claim paperwork right then and there, which he did only for it to come back as not accepted!!  Why not I ask….I had storage insurance (which also covered broken windows) and then regular insurance with no lapse in coverage!  Apparently in situations where the insurance has just been “changed” ICBC wants to review the vehicle and claim at one of their inspection locations….oh for goodness sakes!!!  They were only going to pay $67 so what the hell!!

I told speedy man to forget the claim, it just wasn’t worth my time and effort for $67!  He said he’d see what he could do with the cost then…hooray!  He came back with a price of $308 including taxes.  So it was still going to cost me at least my deductible…..not unlike the other glass places but my theory was this was all being done right in my garage instead of me having to charge the battery, clean up the glass and take the truck to who knows how many different places because they all said it was going to be “at least” $300.

Speedy was excellent in getting me an appointment, returning phone calls, arriving when they said they would and a very pleasant repair guy.  Problem….always a problem……the glass wasn’t right….supposed to be a notch here and screw hole there or something.  He couldn’t do the job on Saturday….ah sigh.  He’d taken the door all apart and had the piece in but could clearly see where the problem was…..did they order the wrong piece?? Don’t know but not much I could do about it then.  He cleaned up all the glass, which was all over the place, so that in itself was a bonus.  He’d already called and ordered the new part and they had an appointment available on Wednesday (yesterday) to get it put in.  Good…better late than never.

Yesterday morning they called….the part had come in (??).  This is good, right?  BUT I wasn’t on the schedule for an appointment in the afternoon.  OFFS!!!  I was a little choked because I had things I wanted to do yesterday morning and hung around for the phone call all morning to find out what time they’d be arriving only to get this call at 11 saying they weren’t even coming!  Not a happy camper BUT I was still very nice on the phone.  I explained that I’d moved the truck out of the garage so my kids could put their tent trailer in there to dry out (from their wet weekend camping trip) because it wasn’t supposed to rain yesterday….they can do repairs outside in the rain but you run the risk of everything inside your car getting wet….I get that. I told him that it was supposed to rain today and I had no way of getting the trailer out and the truck in the garage so he could work on it…..Daryl (speedy guy) apologized profusely….said they were terribly sorry for the mix up and that it would be no problem for their technician if it was raining….he’d sort it out.  Then I asked him to confirm the cost of $308…..just to make sure there wasn’t a mix up with that too… never know and better to be safe than sorry later!  He did confirm it and then said that he’d check into it but thought that they could even do a bit better with that cost because of the inconvenience with the part and the appointment day/time.  He came back with a further 10% discount so now it will only cost me $267…..which I’m pretty sure is a lot less than all those other glass places……and it made the few days delay in getting it fixed a little more worth it.

So you are thinking “this really wasn’t the best service”…..but it was because everyone I talked to there were incredibly pleasant, helpful, called me back when they said they would and they gave me that extra few bucks discount, which I truly appreciated.  None of those other places even wanted to talk to me!  They more than made up for the inconvenience with the service they did, or will finally, provide today!  If they don’t show up tomorrow I will be doing a different rant…..but so far, so good-ish with them.

I don’t know what Ken would have done in this situation…..he probably would have just taped up the window (much better than I did I’m sure…..I used the green paint edging tape and a white garbage bag…lol) and gone off and had it done and finished within a day.  But not me……I take the long way around to get stuff like this done, but it does get done one way or another and even though I waited 5 days it’s just very convenient that they are doing it right here in my driveway!

We really do need that truck today, which I also mentioned to them, to start getting stuff from the apartment to storage locker….definitely tomorrow since she’s taken a day off work to get this done.



We’re Getting There

Slowly but surely!

Today at some point I’m off to the dump to get rid of all the old electronic junk…..that TV that weighs a ton will get pushed out of the back of my car because that’s the only way to do it if there is one of you!  My old broken electronic/electrical stuff is going to, finally!  It’s sat in my garage for weeks (months….) and I’ve kept saying I’m taking it but have never gotten around to it….this is good!

After today/tonight the only stuff left will be what is going into storage except for the sofa/chair and her bed, which is coming here.  And since I was able to get the storage locker yesterday we can even start loading things into it.  It’s a 5 x 10 (8.5ft high).  Didn’t sound like a lot of room but once I seen it, it really is pretty big and if everything is stacked and packed neatly I think there might even be enough room for the recliner……that stupid thing that I don’t want but just can’t bring myself to get rid of….argh.

Great sense of accomplishment and a few aches and pains and bruises….and pinched fingers!

The truck window is being fixed today….I can only hope they have the right piece of glass this time because we really good be using that right now.


This is the little house across the street from me.  I call it the “crayola crayon box house”.  An elderly (at least older than me!!) couple live there and have for many years.  It used to be a pinkish colour with white trim.  They had it painted a few years ago and I couldn’t believe it when they did it yellow!  I thought a nice white, with black trim would have made the house look cute(r).  Many years ago there were two huge maple trees in the front yard (lots of leaves…..lots!).  Those were taken down because they had a new roof put on and wanted to not have to do deal with all the maple tree crap again…..where the stumps were, he put in rose gardens.

It’s hard to see in this picture but there is every colour in the rainbow happening over there……yellow house, green and white trim, blue car, roses….pink, orange, red, white, and purple lavender bushes.  At first I just shook my head….what where they thinking, but over time it’s kind of grown on me…’s really quite a “happy house” and certainly brightens my mornings when I’m on the deck with my coffee.

(His lawn is a mess because locally, we are experiencing a chafer beetle outbreak…..the crows, raccoons, skunks and who knows what else are making an absolute mess of everyones lawns when they digging for the crubs……luckily they don’t seem to have hit my lawn…fingers crossed that they don’t.)

That and my hanging basket….it’s very slowly coming along and today, for the first time in a number of days we’re supposed to see some sun!  Hooray!  And it’s going to be warmer so I’m hopefully putting those damn socks away for once and for all…..


a little more exciting now that the yellow daisy things are blooming. Those are climbers and will eventually creep up the chains.


The Heat Is On

In more ways than one!!

Literally, because it’s been so freaking cold.  The temp in house is set to 72F…..which is my comfort zone for both hot and cold days.  The thing has been running all morning on HEAT!   I had to put socks on!!  At least it’s not raining but still cloudy and rather gloomy.  But I have no time for doom and gloom today!

The heat is on….to get everything packed up and out of my daughters apartment too…..

Spent most of yesterday afternoon there taking things apart…..bookcases and her entertainment unit.  My car is loaded up with the give away stuff, which I’ll drop off AFTER I go and sign up for the storage unit.  Those things are not the easiest to get on short notice!  I did find one that’s heated, which will be good for the real wood stuff and all her books!  Apparently a 5×10 is the standard size that someone rents for the contents of a one bedroom apartment!  I guess one has to be very organized to pack that.  Her big stuff, sofa and chair and mattress and box spring are coming here, so we don’t have to worry about those and since most of the other furniture is all apart it should fit…..if we pack it right.

We sized up her very pretty iron bed head and foot board and decided that it was just too big to fit in her room here with the other stuff that she’s bringing, so it will have to go into storage.  In my travels today I’ll have to go and get another bedframe for her mattress….the one she has is specifically for that bed and a bit too long all by itself…..where does one buy those?  I guess a furniture place that sells mattresses??

The good thing is that we can get this locker right away so some stuff we can start moving in my car and the truck tomorrow…or even tonight if we’re up to it.

So much for my kitchen plans……they are on hold until next week but that’s OK.  I’ve waited years, so one more week won’t make that much difference.

Yes, I do like to be busy…….



Still Lots To Do

But the girls got a good start on it yesterday.  The kitchen and bathroom are done and ALL the books are packed away.  Still the entertainment unit to be taken apart and a rack of CDs (music and movies) to be boxed up.  One area is give away stuff, another is what is coming to my house and the rest is going into storage.  There’s also an old TV, that still works, but is as heavy as a boat anchor….not sure what the plan is for that….hate to just chuck it, but really who would want that thing now?  And of course there is still all the stuff in her locker…..which I must say is really quite neat and tidy so will be easy to just put on the truck.

Two weeks is not a lot of time to get this done but it has to be, so we’ll go back today and get more of it done.

Very dull and dreary this morning….don’t like days like this but unfortunately according to the weather forecast were in for a few more of these with only a bit of sun thrown in.  Slow progress for my hanging basket….those flowers love the sun!!

A few more holiday pics…..mostly food ones.


Aconcagua….the highest peak in the western hemisphere. One of the highlights of our day trip into the mountains….we came back on the main highway, thank goodness!! Two days after this, the Andes mountain highway was closed due to a big snow storm so our timing we very good!

Lunch on our day trip….there is a steak under all that gravy!  It was incredibly delicious!


These are 1:  Ravioli, which we thought was really good but couldn’t quite pinpoint what the meat was inside…..we learned later it was more than likely brains!!  Ordered veggie ones after that!  2: a restaurant near our apartment….run by a German expat guy…great chicken stir fry which was a nice break from beef .

On the plane enroute to Salta.  Aerolineas was an excellent airline….we used them 3 times for our flight within Argentina.  Free drinks (had coffee….how boring is that!) and snacks on all of them.  None of them were more than 2 hours, which was very nice!



the view from the plane….quite desolate looking with only the odd little town to be seen….and of course I was on the wrong side of the plane to see the Andes…..ah sigh, such is life.

And the last one for today…..


Our first meal in Salta….absolutely no restaurants close to our apartment except for Chinese….which we had not once but twice! Different from what we’re used to but was very good!  We also had a veggie dish which was pretty much the same as the chow mein….except without the noodles.  We changed up our order the second night!

After having Chinese two nights in a row, the next night we had our tour guy drop us off in the main plaza area where we had a great dinner and took a taxi back to the apartment.  Walking to/from the plaza took about 1/2 hour, which through the day wasn’t too bad, but at night it just didn’t seem like a good idea although we were told it was very safe, we didn’t chance it.  It was hard to tell in Salta what was the good/bad parts of town.  Our street had such a mix of residential, industrial and commercial stuff….all with the shutters rolled down tight at night (????) yet I seen women (not ladies of the night type women!), by themselves at 11PM walking by and getting on/off the buses (which run all night and are very noisy!).  And of course the sidewalks were a mess….doggie doo and a lot of missing stones/tiles, cracks and tree roots taking over.


Packing Day

Not the good kind of packing though….like for a trip!  My daughter and her friends are heading over to her apartment this morning to get the rest of her stuff packed up.  Kitchen cupboards, books, clothes etc.  A lot has already been done….and somehow worked it’s way into my house.

I’m trying desperately to stay out of it although I have helped with some of it.  My contribution today will be dinner…a pot of chili (chicken) which I’ll take when I head over later this afternoon.  They’re stopping to pick up goodies (wine…) on their way over but I hope they pack first!!  Those girls are a lot of fun so I’m looking forward to this evening.

The glass guy came yesterday to fix my truck window but the new piece didn’t fit right….argh.  He thinks it was a manufacturers defect in that a little notch thingie wasn’t cut out so the screws wouldn’t go in….or whatever.  So it sits now until Wednesday afternoon…how annoying.  At least I got it moved in the garage out of the weather….I really didn’t want to have to put plastic/tape on the window.  Now my son has called asking if they can park their tent trailer in the garage for a day or two, when they get back on Monday, to dry out….they’re camping and it’s raining….of course.  So plastic and tape will have to come out.  They have to have it out by Wednesday though so the guy can fix it inside if it’s raining here.  Nothing is simple is it???

Yesterday was a very nice quiet day around here.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!  Other than having to head out to pick up a few groceries after the glass guy left, I just sort of puttered around not really accomplishing too much off anything, which was OK.

Nothing much on the agenda today either until later, so I might just have the same kind of afternoon!




Bye Bye Buddy :(

The last of our “kittens”.   He was the easiest going of all of them….like a rag doll if you picked him up, ate just about anything and everything, was a bit of a scrapper (numerous wounds patched up over the years), had the most hideous meowl (usually late at night!), loved having under his neck rubbed and helped me change the beds…..he jump up and thought it fun to hide under the sheets.  We’re going to miss him a lot.


Buddy on the deck enjoying the sun….in his cat bed…because he just couldn’t get up on his favorite chair 😦

He lived a good long life with us….he arrived on our door step, along with Mom and the other two kittens, when he was only 3 weeks old.  He had kidney failure which is pretty common in old cats…..16 is a long time for an indoor/outdoor kitty to live.  My daughter had done the IV fluids every night for the last couple of months….she was a trooper doing this because the few times she wasn’t here, I took him to the vet to have it done.

I asked the vet last week, when he went in for his anemia shot, whether we were doing the right thing.  He told me that as long as he was eating and able to get to his “happy places” (the chairs in the living room and on the deck in the sun) that he was good.  The good thing is that kidney failure, for cats, is not a painful thing, they just get weaker and weaker because their bodies can no longer process the protein and electrolytes like potassium.  The last couple of days he’d really started to struggle with getting up on his chairs and up the stairs…poor guy.  He reminded me of Ken in some ways…..he never complained trying to do the things he liked, but seeing him go downhill was so hard.  We knew what we had to do when he couldn’t get to his happy places….such a tough decision but the right one.

I have only one cat left now…..Mom.  She’s at least 19, maybe even older, we don’t know for sure.  Other than being stone deaf and having to take thyroid meds, she’s as spunky as ever.  We’ll have to make sure she gets a lot of extra hugs and kisses.

This afternoon I have a mobile auto glass place coming out to replace the smashed to smitherines side window of my truck!  Someone, or something, hit it and shattered the glass….nothing was missing which is good.  Only old tarps, work gloves and some of my ratchet straps.  As soon as I opened the door it all just fell out….all over the driveway and the passenger side seat….argh.  I had to move it into the garage in case it rained otherwise I would have had to cover it all with plastic.  Just a pain in the butt and literally $300 out the window….lol.

I love my new kitchen lights!  It’s so nice and bright in there now I don’t think I need the under counter ones that I was thinking of getting.  I had planned on heading to the cabinet place yesterday but that was not to be….maybe later today or early next week.  I’m definitely going with the darker wood….I’m not a white cabinet person… much as I like them, they’re a little too high maintenance for me and I don’t think it would go with my backsplash (beige tumbled limestone).  I had a nice little pendant light put in over the sink, which I really like….not needed but a nice little decorating touch.

This past week has just been crazy!  Busy is good, smashed window not good, losing another pet absolutely heartbreaking.  Maybe I’ll just sit down with my book today and enjoy a little down time… a glass of wine….or two!



Busy Days

Lots going on….definitely keeping me busy.  Which, for me, is a good thing.

My daughter sold her apartment…..hooray!  All happened very quickly and the closing is at the end of May, so only a couple of weeks to get packed up and moved out.  My motherly instinct kicked in and I immediately started telling her to make lists, phone the storage and asking who is going to help, is she hiring a mover or will her friends with trucks do it…..on and on.  I had to back off….it’s her move, not mine!  Very hard to do but she does seem to be organized, so that’s a good thing…..

The electrician came yesterday.  I have pot lights in my kitchen.  No more hanging down light over the table that I constantly bumped my head on because I’d move the table over to give me more room.  Of course there was mess.  Just cutting those six in holes in the ceiling created enough drywall and insulation crap bits and dust to get all over the place.  Spent a good part of the day trying to contain it.  Between the electrician and the cats, that stuff was tracked all over the place.  (will post a pic once I get everything cleaned up….although they are just pot lights….but I did get a pendant light for over the sink, which is really cute)

Next week I’ll start the new kitchen, or cabinet refacing, search.  I’m pretty excited about that…..except for all the decisions I’ll have to make by myself!!

Landscaper (different one, not my grass guy) didn’t show up on Saturday to give me an estimate for my little retaining wall…..are there no reliable people out there anymore??  Back to searching for another one.

A few more holiday pics

Our day trip to the mountains on the backroads….dirt roads.  It just went up and up and up…..on a clear day I’m sure the view is spectacular.  On a cloudy day it was, in a different way…..but pretty incredible.  Notice the wooden guardrail…..not sure that would have been a lot of help!  (pictures are a little dark because it was a pretty dull day and I have no idea how to change the setting on my camera….still after 5 years!!)

We’d seen a lot of guanacos along the way…..kind of like a llama.  We were definitely above the clouds….Shane thought we were probably up about 8000ft….no signs so really had no idea other than my ears were popping.  It was really quite breathtaking.  I took so many pictures of the clouds because they changed around every corner….amazing!

And once out of the clouds and over the last hill (mountain…..) this was an apt reward for traveling up that scary dirt road…..Wow!