Nice Day!

Sunny, lots of blue sky and pretty mild.  Lets hope this is the beginning of Spring!  That would make me so happy.

Today is cleaning lady day but no cards at Bev’s…..she has some condo stuff happening this afternoon that is going to keep her busy.  So……I will go to the gym instead.

Our bike trip in Burgundy has been confirmed!!  Definitely need to get on that bike and peddle my butt off.  I’m hoping that if the weather stays good, I can get out and BUY a bike…a real bike.  The bikes at the gym are good for getting your legs in shape but I need a lot of practice really riding too.  That trip is 3 months away…..I can’t believe how time has just flown by.  Here is a link to the trip we’re doing….  My only issue is that the prices are quoted in Euros, but the tour company is in the US so when they charge you, they convert the Euros to US dollars, which we then have to convert to CDN dollars….a bit of a double whammy considering the US exchange right now is higher than the Euro.

A bit of a lazy weekend…..or a combo of busy and lazy I guess.  My son came over Saturday afternoon with the new tires for the Mustang.  The kiddies came too of course.  Had dinner early and when they left I plopped myself on the couch and watched TV for the rest of the evening….or watched and slept on an off.  Yesterday I didn’t feel so hot so another bit of a lazy day.  Head is stuffed….not sure if it’s just this stupid sinus thing or whether I’m getting the cold that my daughter has….it’s a nasty one too with a lot of coughing.  Anyway, I figure getting out and going to the gym always gives me a bit of burst of energy for the day….I hope so today because I could sure use it!

What’s left of my mountain view.  That house is going to be a monster!


half my view will be gone once that roof is on….ah sigh.



Off to do the tidy up before the cleaning lady gets here….she’s sick too so sending her other crew today.



3 thoughts on “Nice Day!

  1. Hi Linda,
    I thought about you today and found your blog again. I read your blog after Ken died in April 2014. (My husband died in Dec. 2014) I was so scared since I knew my husband was getting worse,so I started reading about how you felt. It’s been a little over 2 years now. Thanks for helping. You are making a life. Traveling, family, friends, cooking. etc. I have done those things too. I don’t have grandchildren which I know I would enjoy and would help me and they would be part of my husband still living on. Do you ever just feel empty? I seem to do well for a while but then I find I’m back where I started. Like hitting a road block over and over. I have family and friends. Still work 1-2 days a week, travel, eat out a lot,I have journaled and exercised which both help the most. Im just rambling on but wanted you to know I still think about you and Ken. Losing our husbands just sucks! Linda

    • Hi Linda. So nice to hear from you! I am still on the K-O bereaved email group so I see the emails, which seem few and far between these days….maybe that’s a good thing?? People moving on?? I do still feel empty and get what I call that “unsettled” feeling. It’s hard to explain isn’t it. I’m not sure what it is, like there is either something missing (the obvious!) or I’m a bit lost (still looking for that “new normal”?). I’ve talked to a few other people that also experience this so it must just be part of the grieving process. Sometimes I think I want more out of life….but what I’m not sure. I really do have everything that I need, great family and friends and often pinch myself to make sure I appreciate all that. I also find that every now and again I miss doing those couple things but am not interested, at least at this point, in finding a new relationship. I’m getting used to there being just ME and I can’t say that I mind it at all. Everything on my dime and my time. Yes, losing our husbands does suck. So unfair at what should be the best time of our lives. These last few months have been a bit tough in that I’ve lost a few friends, close ones and ones that I worked with. After being a little depressed about all of them, it gives me a slap, or reality check, to wake up and smell the bacon each and every day. I’ve been going to the gym (getting in shape for my trip in June), which I find really quite energizing but I have to keep it up…..I try and go every second day or at least twice a week. It’s one of those challenges I give myself. I think we got a lot of strength from being caregivers and I still try to apply my one day at a time, one step at a time motto with everything I do. There are days though that I’d really just like to crawl back into bed and pull the covers over my head…mostly crappy, grey, rainy, winter days. I think it takes a lot of mental strength to not do that. We are survivors….perhaps not on our perfect deserted island in the sun….but managing and making the best of our life that we possibly can is what is important. We will do it!
      Linda R.

  2. Hi Linda, Yes, we did survive and we experienced extremely difficult times being caregivers for our husbands. I felt that I had two marriages. One with a healthy husband and one that was with a terminally ill husband. I appreciate your thoughts and feelings about grief and being a widow. I read all I can about grief and being a widow. Looking for that magic remedy or solution, which I know deep down there is none. I think just being true to oneself is the only way to go on. My daughter became engaged last week ( she is 37 and he is 45, no children) I would love to have a grandchild. My son is 29 and is living in Denver and loving his single life.
    I went to a spiritual retreat several weekends ago and luckily a widow of almost 6 years sat at my table. She said my grief would get better with time. I have to trust it will. Take care and keep blogging! Linda

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