The Weather…..Soup Days!

A good bowl of hot soup is one of the best comfort foods at this time of year.

Rain, hail, thunder, lightening and wind……


I like making soup….it’s easy and always good to have a stash of it in the freezer for one of those days that you need something warm and simple for dinner.  Bev and I have talked about getting together and making a big pot to divvy up…..the plan is to do it soon, maybe one day next week.

I certainly won’t be making any green pea soup….I have enough of that to last the winter I think.  I still have a container or two of chicken/turkey noodle and one of butternut squash.  I’ve made “cabbage roll soup” before and it was really good and it’s really easy to make…..Bev’s likes it too so that’s what we’re going to do.  I think it’s a recipe that she got years ago from a restaurant that she used to go to for lunch when she was still working.  More stuff to go in my freezer….which will be all organized by then (hahahaha).


Having small containers of soup on hand is a good thing for one person.  Those one person meals still challenge me…..unless I’m really craving something it just seems like too much work to prepare the whole nine yards of a meal for one person.  Having my daughter here definitely makes a difference.

I’ve joined a different gym, which I’m hoping I’ll go too way more often than the one I was at before.  I did pretty good before we went on holidays…..had no choice really because I had to get myself into some sort of reasonable shape to do the bike ride.  But after I came back……..hmmmm.

My friend Brenda also joined the same gym.  She is much more motivated than me so I’m hoping that rubs off…..having someone to go with makes it a bit more fun too.  This gym is one of those big nationwide places.  It’s just opened in the last few months and of course is offering to waive certain fees so I thought I might as well take advantage of that.   I can walk to this place from my house…..I probably won’t though, at least not if it’s cold or raining.

All summer I seem to keep myself way more active….all those outside jobs, whereas come winter you just want to cocoon yourself or hibernate (with a bowl of soup!).  At this age I’m not so worried about being all “buffed up” but just need to get into some reasonable shape….it’s the “heart health” that needs to be considered….and that type II diabetes that seems to creep up on people when then get to this age. This gym also offers tons of classes (all included)…..spinning, zumba, yoga (hot and normal) etc., monthly weight/fat measuring, meal planning and help from a personal trainer (for a fee!). So maybe, just maybe….I can get myself into a pattern or routine of going at least three times a week and maybe even hitting one of two of those classes they offer.

I hesitated to move to this gym just because it sort of has that reputation of being for all those muscle men… know the ones that grunt and groan lifting a 1000 pounds.  There are a few of them but luckily this place is huge and has a bunch of different areas that you can work out in.  I find in the mornings 90% of the people there are women of all ages and sizes.  They even have a womens only area if you’re not comfortable in the main parts of the gym.  Tomorrow I go for my orientation and setting up my plan of attack to get fitter……

My daughter has lost a ton of weight over the last couple of years and she’s done an excellent job of keeping it off.  She still manages to eat junk and fast food but also eats pretty healthy, limited fat and certain carbs etc.  When she gets on one of her healthy eating kicks it help me too.  It doesn’t last but I figure it’s at least helped….we’ll work on that too!

The other night we had “BLT’s without bread!  We added cheese, so not sure we saved a lot calorie wise but they were really good and along with some beans (protein….probably not the good kind but oh well) we had a great dinner that was surprisingly satisfiying and filling!


The lettuce leaves are the bread….a bit of mayo and salt and people (lol….) pepper and you’re good to go!


We won’t even talk about what we ate the next few days… day at a time, one step at a time.

Sechelt friends are here for a couple of days so off to do fun things this afternoon and dinner at one of their favorite Chinese restaurants later.



And On To Burgundy!

Up bright and early to catch our train(s) to Beaune, France.  Had time to grab a coffee and croissant from the hotel continental breakfast and that was it.

Arrived at Milan Centrale to find out that our train had had a schedule change!!  On Sundays sometimes they will add an additional stop or two…..and that is what they did on this Sunday!!  All this meant that our train arrived in Lausanne Switzerland exactly 1 minute after our connecting train to Dijon left!

It was a very picturesque train ride….beautiful countryside.  Unfortunately all the pics were out the train windows!!  The area coming into Lausanne, which is on the shores of Lake Geneva was lovely.

In Lausanne the lady at the ticket counter was very helpful in getting us on the next train….4.5 hours later!!  She also exchanged some Euros for us so we could have lunch and get a locker for our bags.  20 Euros equated to 18SF.  The locker supposedly held two large cases….it did, eventually!  Brenda had much more patience and perseverance that me.  After quite a struggle we did manage to get them in and then the stupid thing promptly ate 9 of our precious Swiss francs!  Of course the door wouldn’t lock….argh.  I waited there while Brenda went in search of some assistance….it was lunch time and the people in charge of the lockers wouldn’t be back until 2!  We hauled them back out and found a place at the station for lunch.  A bit of a shock costwise after Italy…..for a mear 14SF’s you got a Panini and a drink….that would have cost about 5 or 6 Euros in Italy.  I’m sure it would have been cheaper had we wandered a bit further but weren’t going to do that rolling our bags along.  Oh well…..Switzerland, from what we seen of it, appears to be an expensive place to visit….but very beautiful!

Finally just after 4:30 we were on our way to Dijon.  I had been through the station there once many years ago and seem to recall it being busy but not as confusing as it was….some construction which included elevators that weren’t working.  Lots of stairs to go up and down with our very heavy suitcases before sorting out which track our train to Beaune was going to be on.

Arrived in Beaune just after 6.  No taxis to be seen anywhere so a quick call, again….I’d already called to let them know we’d be a few hours late….they sent one for us.

Beautiful and very typical quaint French country style of hotel with a very helpful lady at the desk.  Our bike person arrived to give us the orientation and all the maps and other information for our self-guided bike tour and to introduce us to our bikes!!  A quick little tour around the parking lot to make sure the seats etc. were all good we were all set.

A walk down the road to one of the few restaurants that was open on a Sunday night was enough for one day.  The waiter was not the most pleasant person but the food and wine was good, which is really all that was important.  This was our first of two nights in Beaune so thought we’d save any wandering and touristy stuff for the next afternoon when the town was alive again.

Tomorrow was going to be our first bike adventure…..a loop route through some of the vineyards!  I’ll summarize our week long biking adventures in the next post….




Re-usable Grocery Bags….


I have a lot of them… I remember to take them with me when I go shopping????  Most of the time NO.  Besides the ones above I have at least 3 or 4 in my car….which I also never remember to take in.  I do have good intentions though and grab one as I’m going out the door when I’m going shopping….unfortunately it just gets added to the ones already in the car.  Once a month or so I bring them all back in the house and try the whole process over again the next few times I go.

Finally last night while having one of my tossing and turning moments, I came up with a brainwave idea on how to make use of some of them.

Does anyone else’s freezer look like this?


It’s been a while since I cleaned it out….goodness only knows what I’ll find on the bottom!!


My plan was to get a new one….an upright one that you don’t have to unload and root through to find the one thing you are looking for.  I’m just not sure where I’d put an upright one.  The one I have is a good size for me and it fits nicely right under the window in the garage.  I clean it out once a year or so and it’s always fun and exciting (not!!) to find those prawns or package of ground beef….dated from the prior year or two…. or a lone freezie/popsicle on the bottom….and then there are the buns and loaves of bread….all put there with the good intention of actually using them one day….maybe for bread crumbs or stuffing or ?????

I have these hooks, which I love….they’re everywhere…..all different sizes.  Behind doors, in my laundry room, in my ensuite bathroom….stuck around the side of the vanity which is where I hang my necklaces.  Anyway they are handy dandy things to have around.


SO…..I am going to attach them to the inside of my freezer, then hang a bag on it.  There will be one bag for beef, one for pork, one for chicken, one for fish and if I have enough room one for frozen veg and other miscellaneous stuff (like those bacon wrapped scallops I’d forgotten about that I found lurking on the bottom!).

I will have to defrost it or chisel away at some of the built up frost first but this is a project for the next couple of rainy days to keep me busy.

This all sort of started last night when I’d gone looking for the prawns that I needed for dinner…..after pretty much emptying the entire freezer (and a few choice curse words….) to find them…I thought I really had to deal with this.  So much food either ends up getting wasted, or tasting (and looking) freezer burnt, it’s crazy.  What to do, what to do…..obviously my mind was working last night when the brainwave came to me.  And possibly because I went grocery shopping and again did not take in my re-usable bags and came home for another 5 or 6 plastic ones….they do get used for kitty litter, so not a waste, I guess.

Dinner last night was yummy again….two nights in a row!!  Simple pasta tossed in butter/olive oil that herbs and garlic had been sauted in, with some diced tomato and a handful or two of spinach all topped with some fresh parm cheese!


Found this recipe on a weight watchers site….meals that are 7 points or less.  That doesn’t include the prawns or the cheese!

Tonight will be different.  My daughter has a dentist appointment after work and won’t be home for dinner….hmmmm.



A Blustery Day!

IMG_2589Fall has definitely arrived!!

Last night and this morning it poured buckets…..and the wind!!  This morning it was so dark and blustery that the streetlights came back on!  With the wind the rain was coming in sheets.  Lots of seagulls around which is supposed to mean that it’s stormy at sea….thank goodness I’m not heading out on a ferry today!!

Now a couple hours later it’s still blustery but bright and sunny….if only every fall day was like it is now…..I’d be very happy!

I think this is my least favorite time of year.   Only because the weather is so unpredictable…..that said I live on the “wet” coast so we certainly expect rain but you just don’t know from one day to the next what it’s going to be like.  The temps can fluctuate like crazy too…..hat, coat, boots and umbrella one minute and the next you’re peeling off the layers because it’s warm and sunny.   I know, I know…..the pretty fall colours and all that, which I do like, I just wish we had more rainless days to get out and enjoy them.

And of course the leaves……ack!!  Millions of them from my maple tree.  I quite enjoy getting out and raking them….if it’s not raining.  It’s a fun thing to do when the kids come over on the weekends.  I have enough leaves to keep them busy for many, many weekends!!

I always find dark, dull days a little depressing…..and any motivation I have disappears.  But it is what it is and you just have to make the best of it.

I’ve just finished reading a great Conde Naste article about the Greek Islands…..I’ve been to a few of them but so many more to see one day.  It also made me really miss summer!  Our last big trip together was to Greece.  It had been on our bucket list since we got married many eons ago.  I love it there…..we did Athens and then spent 2+ more weeks island hopping.  What a great way to experience all that Greece has to offer.  Each island and their towns was a bit different.   And the food!!  All really good and so reasonably priced….except maybe for Rhodes and Santorini.  But even there we were able to find some little out of the way places that were good and lots of fun.  Through the day those two islands are inundated with cruise ship passengers…..lots of them!  One day on Santorini there were 7 cruise ships in port!!  We’d watch them sail in and then decide whether it was going to be an out and about day or one that we just spent by the pool.

Our Greece trip is one that needs to go into an album.  I know photo albums seem to be a little bit redundant these days but really….who actually sits down after the fact and looks back on their vacation pictures?  My grandkids like looking at the albums….for a while at least.  It also makes them ask questions…..who is that, where is this, what is that, when were you there etc.  They’d never sit long enough to look at them on the laptop….so this at least piques their interest.

Maybe today I’ll get around to doing another album.  I used to be really good at getting right on this after our holidays but for whatever reason for a number of them I just never had the time to sit down and get it done.  I have all the pics either on CD’s for USB’s so will have to go through them and decide which ones to get printed…..thank goodness there are still places to do that!  I know some of these trips are from quite a few years ago but maybe I’ll get my journals out and relive them in a post of two!

Last night for dinner I made Mongolian Beef!  OMG….it was absolutely delicious!!  Definitely one to make again.  Easy to make in the crockpot and a good dinner for fall or winter.  I should have taken pictures….it looked just like it did in the recipe.  Tonight it’s pasta of some sort…..I am very happy that my daughter lives here now otherwise I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be making stuff like this unless I was having company.  Even after almost 4 years I’m still challenged by cooking for one!

I’m heading out now while the sun is shining…..




A Little Bit (?) More Of Italy

Really…..other than Milan….this will be the last of my Italy posts.  It’s just that there is so much that I’d love to share it’s hard to not go into great detail and post a zillion pictures.  Although the pictures don’t really do it justice….it’s really a spectacular country with so much to see!

Some of the countryside this time…..beautiful views, lovely and quaint small hamlets and hilltowns, fields and fields of sunflowers and vineyards…..

Caves….the Grotte de fasassi .  I have been to many caves and each and every one amaze me!!  Just incredible what mother nature can do.  Even more amazing is that the mountains have these huge caves inside them… on earth do they not just collapse on themselves??

The beaches….they are called “Blue Flag Beaches”.  Their idea of a sandy beach is a bit different than ours…..think rocks!  But they are beautiful unless you have to walk on them barefoot!!  The water such a pretty blue and even warm-ish.  Restaurants galore along the beachfront too.  Umbrellas and loungers rent for 15 – 18E a day depending on how close to the water you want to be.

Loreto, not far from the Conero coast is a beautiful walled hilltown…..second only to Lourdes in France as a pilgrimage site.  The cathedral is beautiful….very medieval.  The stained glass windows are fantastic….

Some miscellaneous Le Marche pictures….towns, beautiful flowers, tree lined streets and churches….many, many churches, all different!

Lunch one day in the town of Corinaldo was in a restaurant that was actually inside the walls of the town!!  Very much like a cave…..very cool on a very hot day and terrific food too!


And the mail……


Our one day excursion into Tuscany….

Cortona on market day:

Montepulciano is famous for it’s vino nobili…..Brenda splurged on a bottle for us to enjoy with our dinner that night (40E!!!)  It was really good……  The Tuscan countryside enroute is so pretty….just like all those pictures you see of the vine covered hillsides with cypress trees lining driveways and roads. (Le Marche people use the cypress trees in cemeteries… they think the Tuscans are a little weird)


an antipasti plate to go with our vino….



Sunflowers…..just coming into bloom as we arrived.  Hillside after hillside of them.  The oil is used for an additive to diesel fuel!!

Urbino….a fantastic town.  We had planned on doing Urbino and San Marino on the same day but found so much to see here we spent the whole day there!  Lots of great restaurants and a very nice museum….and of course lots of shops!!  All of which close for siesta so we had a very nice leisurely lunch while waiting for them to re-open.  We also took the little tourist train for a tour around the city and walls…..good to get your bearings and fun for 5E!  Great views of the surrounding hills.

Our last full day we did a wine tour with Marco’s Way  …..we should have done this the first day!!  He is pretty much the only guy in this area doing tours like this but he was wonderful and would highly recommend him if anyone heads that way.  Lots of great info about the area.  We did a couple of wine tastings, olive oil tour and tasting, cheese tasting at a local family farm and of course lunch….many courses or fantastic pasta, quail, rabbit, chicken and local salumi and cheeses.  All this with the beautiful Le Marche countryside as our backdrop from every location.

This is really it for Le Marche Italy pics…..Milan next!  But I was only there for a short period of time so unfortunately not a ton of info or pics to share on it….but another great city that I WILL return to someday!

I had a fun day with my granddaughter yesterday.  We read and looked at old pictures of her Dad and Auntie in the morning then we went to meet her Daddy for lunch.  After lunch it was bit of time playing Dora the Explorer games on the iPad (I had just as much fun as she did!!) then a movie and some popcorn.  So nice to be able to spend time alone with her….that doesn’t happen too often with any of them.  They’re so different when they’re on their own…..


Last Of The Leftovers!

Turkey, turkey and more turkey……and ham too!

Yesterday I made my turkey stock for soup, to be used at a later date, and a turkey pot pie, which we had for dinner last night.  Turkey is really the best bang for your buck when you think about it!  I think I paid something like $12 for mine….it wasn’t that big, just over 12 pounds, hence the ham too, but it fed 10 people for dinner on Sunday, two people for dinner on Monday and three last night.  AND….chopped up turkey for turkey salad sandwiches!

I’ve got a couple brussel sprouts still lurking but they’ll be gone today and just enough leftover pumpkin cheesecake for dessert tonight.

Brenda is coming for dinner.  She’s been busy the last couple of weeks getting her Mom’s apartment cleaned out.  Her mom is 90 something and in hospital again due to a fall.  She’ll stay there until they can move her into a care home…..she’s just too fragile now to be on her own, even with daily care workers coming in.  The fall caused cracked vertebrae in her neck.  It could have have been a lot worse.  The best I can offer Brenda right now is dinner….one less thing that she has to deal with when she gets home later.  We’re having butternut squash soup that I made a month or so ago…..


I made a lot and froze it in containers with enough for two….including the bacon bits to sprinkle on the dollop of cream for the centre.


…..she’s one of the few people I know that likes it!  We’ll have that and the turkey salad sandwiches tonight.

My little granddaughter is coming to spend the day tomorrow.  She’s so much fun and the easiest one to take care of…..she’s pretty self-sufficient and usually keeps herself occupied with whatever she finds.  Lately she’s really gotten into books….this is a good thing.  One book that has peaked her interest is my coffee table art book.  One picture in particular is her favorite……


LOL……I’m not sure whether to laugh or be concerned.  I will just laugh for now but every time she comes over she has to get that book out and find “her” picture.  We’ll see if I can get her interested in some of the other artwork in the book tomorrow!

Ken’s birthday has come and gone on October 6th.  He would have been 67 this year.  My kids each “celebrated” by having something their Dad loved for dinner.  My son had a big juicy prime rib steak and my daughter had a piece of keylime pie.  I can’t remember what I had!  We weren’t big on presents for birthdays…..a card and some of his favorite treats was what I usually got him.  Cashews, pistachios, licorice allsorts and of course something chocolate.  I did buy some cashews and promptly ate all of them!!

Fall has really set in now….it rained again last night but has cleared up nicely this morning.  I’m hoping for crisp, sunny days…..I can handle those.


It’s Been A Long Time

I can’t believe where time has gone!  I’ve meant to post many times over the last few weeks and then have gotten sidetracked with something else.

We had such a great summer and fall…..until today!  Cloudy, grey and rainy.

My life has become rather routine these days….nothing terribly exciting.  This is not a bad thing though.

I’m not working anymore…..I can’t say that I’m sorry about it.  The little bit of daily work that I was doing has now all gone out to the other office to do….they were getting paid to do it but because of some balancing issues they still wanted my part done in the local office.  It’s all been sorted out now and they get everything couriered out to them.  I miss the people though….it was a fun place to work and it got me up and out early those couple days a week.  I’m certainly not going to be looking for another job any time soon….I really do enjoy being retired!

Lots of yard work got done with all the good weather.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to cut my grass.  It does look pretty good now though but not sure I’ll use that weed and feed or turf enhancer again.  Paving stones are all in at the side of the house, grass seed around them is finally spouting and thickening up.  Still more work to do over there but I’ll get to that next summer.

Had a great mini-vacation with the old girlfriends a couple of weeks ago in Naramata.  The house we rented was absolutely gorgeous.  Tons of room, fantastic views out over vineyards and the lake.  Lots of fun, lots of laughs and of course…..lots of wine!!  I was so glad I went but it also made me a bit sad that I’d missed so many other of these little getaways with those guys…..oh well, you can’t go back can you so I will just make sure that I go forward and not miss any more if I can help it!!

No other trips planned for the fall.  Kind of nice to stay home and work on some of the things on my project “to do” lists.  There are lots and my biggest issue is staying focused on one of them at a time.

I’m sure everyone was bored to death with my trip posts from June but for those that weren’t I’ll carry on with the next installment soon….a bit more Italy and then on to that bike trip in France!!  Seems like that was ages ago now.


Where Does Time Go?

I’ve not posted for a while….so just checking in to let people know I’m still here!

My life seems to be rather mundane these days.  Nothing terribly exciting but I seem to be busy enough doing something….just what I’m not sure of.  Because we’ve had such a fantastic summer (no real rain since the beginning of July!!) I’ve spent a lot of time outside.  Getting my yard cleaned up and organized and also just sitting on the deck reading, doing sudokus or, the biggest waste of my time, playing solitaire on the iPad!

Oh well, I’m retired right?

No holiday plans except for a girls getaway coming up at the end of this month.  It should be a great time.  We’re heading up to Naramata for 4 days….that’s our wine country.

India in February is my next biggish trip.  Biggish because it’s going to take forever to get there but it’s not a long trip…..only 2 weeks.  It’s a long way to go for such a short period of time but you’ve got to grab those deals to bucket list places when they come up.  It’s a tour of course….not brave enough to do this one on my own….nor would Ken and I have done a trip there on our own.

Going to our annual “Bard on the Beach” play tomorrow.  “Much Ado About Nothing”  Then Wednesday Brenda and I are head to Perestroika – Angels in America Part 2  I was a little worried Part 1 would be a little depressing but no way… was a great play so we had to make sure we got in Part 2!

See how boring things are around here? Not anything exciting enough to really post about.

Had a fun dinner the other night at Brenda’s.  We ate too much, drank too much and laughed a lot.   We also talked a lot about our future plans…..those 5 years plans and how our original ones had changed.  Our houses….when to sell, where to move if and when we do.  Men!!  We both decided (very early for her….) that life was actually quite good without that complicating things.  That said, we both miss doing those “couple things” and companionship…sometimes!  We’ve both got grown children living at home (hers is in the basement suite) and decided that it was not a bad thing having someone around.  Serious stuff but we’d had enough wine that we laughed about a lot of it…..

My next post I’ll get back to my trip….a little more Italy but not too much because I’m sure it’s not terribly interesting for most people.     I loved Milan and definitely want to go back and spend more time there….some serious shopping could be done!




How Annoying….

I just finished a big post…..because I haven’t posted for a long time…..and I lost it!!  Argh.

I was using the iPad, which I really don’t like very much.  Not sure what happened to it but oh well… wasn’t a terribly exciting one anyway.

Trying desperately to get back into some sort of a routine around here….it just all seems to fall apart during the summer and when I get back from vacation.  I have a hard time not wasting time!!

I’ve been working more than I planned, but after this week will hopefully get back to just the 2 days a week that I started out with!  It’s only a couple of hours in the morning but I’m pretty useless after that so not much gets accomplished.  I think I’m more productive in the morning and by the time I get home it’s after lunch, so in my head it’s too late to start anything but I’m really getting good at playing solitaire!

The weather had been great.  I do try to get yard work done when it’s not blisteringly hot ( I’m no complaining because I love summers like this) but at the rate I’m going I’ll have my yard done when I’m ready to sell in a few years.  I’m also getting a little obsessed with my grass…..who would have ever thought that!

I’ve been busy but not doing things on my to do lists, which I guess is OK because I am retired…..I keep telling myself that and it’s working since I’m not getting much done.  That excuse does get a bit old though after a few months…..

Had a great visit with my friends over in Sechelt…even did a tour boat trip one afternoon.  Very beautiful up the inlet…..lots of spectacular scenery and gorgeous vacation homes.  Also had a visit with another friend, who has had a place up there for a few years but moved up there permanently in June.  This was the first time that we were able to get together.  Had a great lunch and afternoon catching up and talking about their upcoming trip to Europe in September.  They’ll be spending 3 weeks in Puglia, which is an area I was in a few years ago.

I hope to get back to posting a little more regularly than I have been…..getting back into my usual morning routine….I will, definitely, I will……


A Sad But Happy Day???

Yesterday was the celebration of life for my friend Heidi that passed away in October last year.  Why wait 9 months to have the COL?  Because her husband wanted it to be at her happy place, which is in Point Roberts WA where their cottage is.  Such a pretty place…..she spent most of the summer there every year.  Winter was not the time to have it and yesterday was a gorgeous day…..warm, lots of sun, just what she liked.

After the service at the cemetery, where the ashes are, we all headed to a little local restaurant that was right on the water.  Beautiful garden, beautiful view….kids and dogs running around….just what she would have wanted.

It was sad because she’s gone. Such a great tribute to her by many people….family, friends, neighbours.  She will be remembered as a kind and giving, generous person….and for some of her quirks such as shopping!!  Happy because of all the good memories and lots of laughs.

I know her husband waited until now so all would be just perfect for her but such a long time for him to get some closure.  He said it was hard especially the last few weeks putting all this together…..those things that you’ve slowly started tucking away at the back of your mind all come back bringing that emptiness with it.  He had lots of help from lots of good, close friends which got him through all this.

A bunch of people went back to the cottage after which was nice.  I hadn’t been there for years….Ken was still here then….I’d gone down for the day, for a girls day.  Heidi made a great lunch and we talked and laughed for hours….was a really nice time.  We were going to do it again….but life got in the way and it just never happened.

I think Mike will be OK now.  He’s got a bike (motorcycle) trip planned in the next couple of weeks with some buddies which he’s looking forward too… need things to look forward too.  There is no going back so the only way you can go is ahead and you’ve got to make the best of it and take any opportunity to do things or get away or whatever that comes up.

Today for me is a yard day…..I hope to finish the bark mulch and get a bit more of the moss sprayed.  I just did a small patch the other day with the dish soap and water and it’s working!!  So happy about that, except of course I’m going to have to rake all that up and will likely have a few/many bare patches to reseed.

We’re heading into a bit of heatwave here for the next week…..I love it!  Highs up in the mid-30’sC (95ishF).

Tomorrow is the last baseball games of the season and our wind up party.  It should be fun.  I’ll miss it but I’m not that into it that I’ll be joining another league as many of the other do.  Once a week for a few months is good enough for me for now…..maybe next year I’ll get into it a bit more but this was a good start.  Lots of great ladies so tomorrow should be a lot of fun.  One of the best things about this league is that the total cost for the season was $15!!  That includes the wind up party…..not a bad deal at all.