Saying Goodbye To Tigger

Just so, so sad.

He stopped eating a couple of days ago….still sipping water every now and again but just so weak now he can hardly get around.  Yesterday the vet was hoping that he was just very dehydrated so gave him fluids and a shot of a pain med as well as a dose of some nausea medicine.  We came home with a bag of fluids to try today but I don’t think we will.  What she gave him yesterday didn’t really do anything and that last thing he needs today is anymore stress.

My daughter slept in the family room with him last night where he was close to the litter box and some water….just to sad to see him like this.

We know what we have to do, which is one of the hardest things in the whole world……you hang on, probably way too long, just hoping and praying that all of a sudden he’s going to perk up and be just like he used to be, but you just know in your heart of hearts that isn’t going to happen. He doesn’t seem to be in pain or distress, just laying there, even purring when you pat him….gets up to have a sip of water and then just lays back down.  I was really and truly hoping that he would just pass quietly in his sleep last night…is that a terrible thing?  It was because I, or we, didn’t want to have to make that difficult decision today.  Very selfish on our part but……….

I know you can’t compare the grief for a person to that of a pet.  It’s very different I KNOW that!  But it’s still grief isn’t it?  That sadness and emptiness that you feel is still hard to deal with.  That pet has given you a lot of happiness….and in my case….a lot of comfort over the years.  Tigger is a “lovey” cat and to see him this way breaks my heart.  They are so helpless in many ways and rely on us, their human parents, to look after them and do what’s right, which we have to do no matter how much it may hurt for us.

He’s almost 19 and had a great life with us but that doesn’t make it easier…

We’re going to miss him so much…, so much.



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