Wall Unit Gone!

Hooray!  No one wanted it…..all the places I called had an over abundance of donated furniture so no room for my old wall unit.  I decided that I’d just drop it off at Value Village….but they didn’t want it either!  The dump is almost right across the highway…..that’s where it ended up.

It did pain me a bit to just push that thing off the back of the truck into the piles of garbage but it would have pained me even more to drive back home with it.  It certainly didn’t owe me anything.  My parents had it for years, we had it for at least 20 years so definitely got our moneys worth out of it.  The sad part was that there was absolutely nothing wrong with it!!  But some things just have to go and that was one of them.

Yesterday I made up for some of the laziness/pity partying from the day before but still wasn’t terribly motivated to do much of anything.

I did take my cat, Buddy, to the vet…..now he’s not eating!!  Labs will be in today, but sounds like it may be thyroid, along with a heart murmur and possibly some kidney issues…I hope it’s nothing more than that….that’s enough!  Poor guy wasn’t even keen on going outside yesterday….usually he’s right at the door at 8AM (his time to go out) meowling or he’s under my feet when I’m making my coffee waiting for his food.  I’ll have to call them this afternoon to get the lab results….my fingers are crossed that it’s all fixable.  He’s one of the “kittens”, but is 16 years old.  My poor cats are dropping like flies…..I know they’re all old and this is what happens but they were all so spunky and  then WHAM……it’s hard to deal with all this.

Today I have another long list to work off of…..but I’ve got a lot of energy this morning and feeling pretty upbeat about getting is all done.  I just have to stay focused on what I’m doing, which seems to be the hard part for me.  I’m very easily distracted by anything and everything.  I’ll not turn on the TV, I’ll not open my computer (after I post this) and I’ll not open any drawer, cupboard or closet unless it’s to put something away!!

Ken always used to say….”finish one thing at a time”.  It would drive him a little crazy when I’d make more of a mess “cleaning” than there was when I started…..I do try not to do that but sometimes completely emptying something and making a bit pile in one place is easier than trying to sort through bits and pieces here and there.  For me, that pile is right in your face, so you have to deal with it.




2 thoughts on “Wall Unit Gone!

    • Thanks Mary. They called early this morning about his lab work. He is in renal failure so I had to take him in right away. They are going to give it their best. He’ll be there for 48 hours on IV fluids, more labs tomorrow AM and we’ll hopefully see the numbers a little better. My fingers are crossed. It’s so hard to deal with sick pets….I love them all to bits and will do whatever it takes, within reason for their sake of course, to make them better….two of them sick so close together is a bit hard to handle. They’re old, I know, but somehow though you just expect your fur babies to be there forever for you…..

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