Vets and The Carpet

Buddy’s home!  He’s definitely better but we’ve been warned that the kidney failure is pretty advanced and well……who knows.  He’ll have to have rehydration everyday….which my daughter knows how to do and once a week he’ll have to go for a shot of something that will help with the anemia.  Cha ching, cha ching…..but what else can I do?  He’s quite happy albeit a little less active so we’ll just keep an eye on him.  He goes back for more lab work next week and hopefully we continue to see a bit of improvement.  The vet thinks his lab numbers have pretty well stabilized now, still not terrific but a lot better than they were.

Today Home Depot is replacing my carpet, yet again!  It’s such a pain to have to move everything out of that room.  I’ve moved lamps and the end tables but they’re going to have to move the rest of the furniture, which luckily for them isn’t a lot right now.  Two chairs….one of which is the recliner….and a coffee table.  It’s just so disruptive and I don’t have a lot of confidence in their installation people right now….I don’t know what I’ll do if there is another problem!!

They seem to think they are providing me with great service, which I could debate but whatever……what they don’t seem to understand is the hassle involved in this whole mess.  The phone calls, their installation people looking for “flaws”, the waiting for the carpet to be reordered, then moving all the crap out of there etc. etc.  And the waste of another day!  They’re supposed to be here between 12 and 2.  The old carpet has to be taken out first, so that will basically be my whole afternoon!

Bev is coming over later, for moral support just in case there is a problem….which, even though there shouldn’t be, I am anticipating something based on my last two experiences with them.  NEVER, EVER will I order carpet from them again…..NEVER!!




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