Where Does Time Go?

I’ve not posted for a while….so just checking in to let people know I’m still here!

My life seems to be rather mundane these days.  Nothing terribly exciting but I seem to be busy enough doing something….just what I’m not sure of.  Because we’ve had such a fantastic summer (no real rain since the beginning of July!!) I’ve spent a lot of time outside.  Getting my yard cleaned up and organized and also just sitting on the deck reading, doing sudokus or, the biggest waste of my time, playing solitaire on the iPad!

Oh well, I’m retired right?

No holiday plans except for a girls getaway coming up at the end of this month.  It should be a great time.  We’re heading up to Naramata for 4 days….that’s our wine country.

India in February is my next biggish trip.  Biggish because it’s going to take forever to get there but it’s not a long trip…..only 2 weeks.  It’s a long way to go for such a short period of time but you’ve got to grab those deals to bucket list places when they come up.  It’s a tour of course….not brave enough to do this one on my own….nor would Ken and I have done a trip there on our own.

Going to our annual “Bard on the Beach” play tomorrow.  “Much Ado About Nothing” https://bardonthebeach.org/2017/much-ado-about-nothing/  Then Wednesday Brenda and I are head to Perestroika – Angels in America Part 2  http://artsclub.com/shows/2017-2018/angels-in-america  I was a little worried Part 1 would be a little depressing but no way…..it was a great play so we had to make sure we got in Part 2!

See how boring things are around here? Not anything exciting enough to really post about.

Had a fun dinner the other night at Brenda’s.  We ate too much, drank too much and laughed a lot.   We also talked a lot about our future plans…..those 5 years plans and how our original ones had changed.  Our houses….when to sell, where to move if and when we do.  Men!!  We both decided (very early for her….) that life was actually quite good without that complicating things.  That said, we both miss doing those “couple things” and companionship…sometimes!  We’ve both got grown children living at home (hers is in the basement suite) and decided that it was not a bad thing having someone around.  Serious stuff but we’d had enough wine that we laughed about a lot of it…..

My next post I’ll get back to my trip….a little more Italy but not too much because I’m sure it’s not terribly interesting for most people.     I loved Milan and definitely want to go back and spend more time there….some serious shopping could be done!