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I’ve taken a bit of time away because I wasn’t sure if I really had anything to blog about anymore…..I think I’ve kind of arrived at that “new normal”.  It’s been almost 4 years since Ken passed away and my life seems to have fallen into a routine of sorts.

It’s not that I don’t grieve anymore, because I do….I grieve for him, for how our life was supposed to be, companionship, grandchildren that won’t know him….lots of things but none of these things are as gut wrenching as they used to be.  You never forget but you do move on and that grief doesn’t overwhelm you anymore.  That hole in your heart slowly fills with memories…..good ones.

So is it still “The Journey After”?  Or is it a new journey?  I don’t know and truthfully I’m not sure that I could set up a new blog so I’ve decided to just continue on with this one.  I don’t have anything terribly exciting to post about on a daily basis so maybe once a week or so.  I still have holiday posts to finish…..that bike trip in Burgundy for example….and I will get that done, soon.

My interests these days are traveling, of course, food and cooking and books.  That is what I plan on posting about the most.  I still have the trials and tribulations of home repairs around here… a kitchen faucet that seems to have a swivel life of it’s own so my plumbing skills will once again be tested (thank god for youtube DIY videos!!) and other mundane domestic type duties (laundry!!)…..not overly interesting unless I manage to mess something up and can share a lesson learned from it.

So starting tomorrow, or the next day, I’ll get back into blogging.  I’ve been in prep mode for the upcoming trip to India….getting the visa has been a “fun” experience which I could share….and will after I finish last years trip.





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