Happy New Year!

My daughter and I had a fun evening….instead of appies for dinner, we ordered in (baked ravioli and Greek salad) and did a TV marathon night!   We flip flopped back and forth between all the House Hunters that we’d PVR’d for weeks and, I think at least 3, of the Harry Potter movies!  She’d already seen all the HP’s…..me never, nor had I read any other books.

Over the course of the day I did think back about all the New Years Eves past…..we had many, many good years.  It’s a little easier now to think about those….that doesn’t mean I don’t miss Ken any less…..because I don’t, I still miss him every day…..but I’m so thankful for those good years.

No New Years resolutions for me…..I will just continue to wing it, day by day……that seems to be working for me so I won’t rock the boat.

It’s cold and wintery out this morning…..lots of frost on the roofs and trees….and foggy.   I took some pictures yesterday morning when it was nice and clear.


Whistler, a big ski resort is on the other side of these mountains….


These are our local mountains…very pretty with a bit of snow on top


hard to see but the most magnificent ones are the coastal range

I have a peek-a-boo mountain(s) view, which is really nice this time of year.

Dinner out with family tonight and that is it for me.  I usually always take down “Christmas” on New Years day, so will at least get started on that.




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