It’s Just Winter Now!

Christmas and New Years are over and done……well, just about anyway….still stuff to be put away.  Time to get back to normal.

It was very cold this morning, at least by our west coast standards, very frosty and foggy, which made it really pretty… a winter wonderland without snow!


Off for breakfast and to my daughters apartment to hopefully get the last of it tidied up and ready to put on the market.

Neither of us are terribly motivated and I’m not sure why!  It really needs to be done and no one else is going to do it!  I think part of it, at least on my part, is the fact that some of her stuff is coming to my house.  That’s really not such a big deal and it’s not like it’s furniture and big things, but it’s still stuff that has to go somewhere.  I have the garage but I’m worried that it’s going to get filled up and never emptied!   All her personal items will come here and her treasures… books!  Where will it all go?  I guess we’ll get that sorted out as it all starts to arrive.

I make some progress in my “hoarder” room and the spare room in the basement, only to have whatever corner that I did clean up/out, filled with something else….it’s kind of a thankless job but at least it’s all a bit more organized than it was, which is the positive that I’m taking from all this!

Had fun last night at dinner with my kids, SIL/BIL and nieces a their kids.  There were about 14 of us…..went early so we could make sure we got seats together.  Chinese buffets are great for big groups like this.  The little ones were really good too….once they’d finished they had a bit of a corner that we could contain them too!  Ate way too much of course.




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