It Will Be A Quiet New Years Eve

At home.  My daughter has no plans either, so we’ll have an appy type dinner, watch a few movies and that’s about it!

I’m quite happy doing this.  It’s been such a busy couple of weeks it’ll be nice to just hang around.

If this had of been a few years ago, something definitely would have been going on…..we ALWAYS did something for New Years Eve.  Sometimes it was gala gala do’s at the golf course, a party at someone’s house or even just a games night with friends or family.  This year though, some friends are away (would we have gone with them???) others live further away now so who wants to do that drive home, some don’t even stay up until midnight anymore!!  We’re starting to sound like “old farts”…….oh dear!

When I was packing up the last of Ken’s sports jackets, I found our tickets from the last golf course do we went to……2004!  Had it really been that long ago that we’d gotten all dolled up and went out?  It was always such a fun evening.  We’d usually go with his brother and wife and a couple other couples…8 or 10 people per table.  But, because it was local, we’d always see others there that we knew.  Lots of food, music, dancing, door prizes, hats, noise makers, champagne at midnight….ah yes, those were the days!

I sort of miss them, but then again, I don’t.  I think I much preferred the house parties and game nights…..except maybe the dancing…..I did enjoy that.

Last year was a bit tough…..had a fun evening, dinner and games at a friends but then when midnight came around…..who did I have to kiss and welcome in the new year?   Awkward moment….which luckily passed quickly after everyone had hugged and kissed their spouse/partner….then it was my turn.

I’m looking forward to this evening…..I really am.  We’ll crack open the bottle of champagne, probably before midnight, just in case I fall asleep!

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year !




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