Getting Ahead Of Myself….

I do that all the time!  My daughter picked up an India travel book from the  library yesterday so I’ve spent all morning reading that!  I have my Italy Le Marche book that I’ve been going through highlighting and marking pages for some of our day trips and I’ve still got a ton of pages to go through….lots to see and do there!!

The Italy/France trip is all in order (other than the reading bit).  Everything thing I NEED I have just the packing to be done.  Some of our train tickets are not e-tickets and had to be mailed to me……the biggest challenge now is remembering to take them.  I’ve told Brenda to put them on her packing list with a note to call me the night before we leave.

India sounds amazing!  A cultural smorgasbord for your senses….most good but some will definitely be interesting and even shocking regardless of how much you read about it.  But that trip is over 9 months away and I need to stay focused on the one coming up!

Gardening…..very difficult to do with the weather we’ve been having.  A couple of nice days then back to rain….even a thunderstorm or two with hail!  My neighbor is a landscaper…..lucky me!  I asked if he ever had azalea or rhodo bushes that were getting ripped out when people were re-landscaping.  Yes!!  A lot apparently.  That is what I’ve decided to put around the patio under my deck.  I’ve given up trying to get grass to grow there and even if it did, it’s a bit of a pain for the grass guy to cut that strip.  Rhodos like shade, which is all it gets down there and the best part is that nothing really grows underneath them so I can just get a load of mulch and hopefully that is it!  He said they were big…..I hope not too big that I can’t deal with them….maybe, just maybe if I’m lucky and because he’s such a good guy they’ll just appear there one day….planted and everything!  I can only hope!  Otherwise it’s a big job for me to get them planted….the digging for one thing…not hard but a bit rough on the back and of course if they’re big they might be heavy and awkward to work with but I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth!!  I’ll take whatever he gets.

Tonight I’m off to one of the “old” girlfriends for birthday dinners.  This time it’s the guys….a couple of husbands turning/turned 65!!  I’m taking an appy this time.  Last time I tried my hand at a dairy/gluten free dessert….tasted good but looked like hell.  I had planned to make this spiffy turkey lettuce wrap thing…..instead of lettuce you just put the stuffing on top of cucumber slices…..but changed my mind.  Guacamole it is….with corn tortilla chips and just to be safe rice crackers, which I know are gluten free for sure.

Next week I’m off to Sechelt for a few days……I probably shouldn’t be going because there is so much I could be doing around here but it’s always fun visiting them and I probably won’t seem for a couple of months now because of my holiday and theirs in July.

I just wish our summer weather would get here…..try as I might not too, I just find it brings me down.  Sun does amazing things to your head.  It’s nice and bright and just seems to give you so much more energy.  I really have to push myself these days to get stuff accomplished.  I get up and have all these plans that never end up happening.  I get sidetracked or just feel so blah and not motivated to even start.  I make my lists as usual, which would normally give me encouragement, especially when I can tick something off, but lately even those aren’t working so good……I’ve got to snap out of this sooner than later because it annoys me but I don’t have the willpower to do anything about it… the end of the day when I’ve accomplished NOTHING, I get angry with myself…’s a no win situation!!  This is when you really need someone to get you going…..give you that extra little push….or start to do whatever needs doing because, for me at least, it was always that guilt thing that kicked in….if he’s working on that (usually one of things on my list….) I’d better get my ass in gear too!  Thought I’d sort of gotten over this stumbling block but obviously still have a few issues…..I’ll get over it or through it eventually!



Where Does The Time Go?

It’s been a busy few days……birthdays, “anniversaries” of sorts, work, out and about etc. etc. etc……

May 9 was a good day…..for two reasons.  One, it was my little granddaughters 4th birthday.  Her choice for dinner was tacos and strawberry cake!  She is so cute and so expressive….she talks ALOT and uses her hands a lot too….she gets that from me I think.  The second was that it was the anniversary of Ken’s celebration of life.  That may sound like a sill reason for it to be a good day but it was a day to remember all the good things we had and just how lucky we were to have the time that we did.  In a perfect world of course he’d still be here and all we would have celebrated was  grandchild’s birthday….that isn’t the case though and nothing will change that so rather than be sad, melancholy or depressed we all remembered the good stuff.  You have too!

My daughter had a bit of a rough morning to start…..lots of tears for Dad but then I reminded her that it was also Kallie’s birthday and to yes, remember Dad but the good times and then focus on little Kallie.  She was so excited about her birthday coming up…..never failed to remind us over the last week!

Brenda and I went to another play yesterday down at Granville Island.  Kind of a double fun day.  The play Mom’s The Word was so good…..lots of laughs and definitely worth seeing if it comes your way.  The other fun part was wandering around Granville Island  A great place to spend the afternoon.  Super markets, lots of restaurants and some fantastic shops (not cheap ones though!!).  We had lunch at the market before the play……Chinese from the food court but it was excellent and really enjoyable sitting at the window watching all the activity on the water.  So much going on at the market…..lots of tourists so good people watching and lots of buskers and street entertainers, like the guy on the 10foot unicycle!!  After the play before we did some shopping we hit the Granville Island Brewing company where we each did a “flight” of beer samples.  We got an extra glass so we could sample each others….out of 8 we found two that we would buy….some day…….a maple ale and a raspberry one, both we really good, lots of fizz and refreshing….summer beers!  Some shopping and then home…..a long day, we left at 10:30AM and got home at 7:30.

Poor Brenda though….we were going to go into the pub attached to the theatre but that didn’t work….too many memories for her.  They’d been there a month or so before he passed away and talked about how they’d be able to head down there any time and any day of the week once he’d retired and all the other things they’d planned to do……

We also booked our next trip…..trying to be spontaneous didn’t quite work out.  The week we wanted was sold out, then it wasn’t, then we changed the week we wanted to go but that wasn’t available yet, then the travel agent called to tell me that it was going to be on their website yesterday and available again…..argh.  In the end it has all worked out and other than having to pay for the bloody trip almost a year in advance, it a good deal and we’ll all be able to cross another thing off out bucket lists!

One of the best things is that my daughter is coming along!  That will be fun.  There will be 4 of us.  Brenda and Cathy (Jim from Kidney Cancer Canada wife….see a post from back in October 2014) and my daughter and I.  I’m pretty sure we’ll have a great time…..we picked the end of February as the weather is a little better (say warmer…..who knew it got cold in Delhi ever!!)

We had 3, almost 4 nice days in a row!!!  Kind of got excited thinking that maybe, just maybe spring/summer was really here but short lived as we’re back to grey, rainy weather for the next 5 or so days……oh well, must enjoy the good ones when we can!


Crazy Busy 3 Days!

Friday was Donna’s retirement celebration… started at 2 at my old office.  Met up with a couple of other retirees that were also going, which was fun.  One of the girls I’d not seen since I’d the retired….so lots of catching up.  And getting a tour of the new office… many renovations done since I left.  Looks very nice, bright and clean looking, but so, so glad I’m not there to enjoy it!

They gave Donna a great tribute….lots of material after 40 years!  Lots of old pictures, a couple co-workers spoke and told stories, just lots of fun.  And seeing the people that still work there…..lots of hugs and “good too see you” from them…..a couple said they still miss me!!

That all lasted a couple of hours then it was off to a pub closer to home to continue the celebration with a few drinks and dinner.  A few other girlfriends arrived and then the fun really began!  But I had to leave around 6:30 to head off to my son’s going away party, also at a pub!

That was fun too…..lots of people from that work and lots of their customers too.  A bunch of his friends were there too.  One I hadn’t seen since he’d gotten married last fall so it was good to catch up with him.  Lots of drinks and food too but I was full and of course could not drink…..because I was driving!  I did have a couple of glasses of wine (with lots of glasses of water!) over the course of Donna’s party, which was probably too much really so I had a “virgin” drink at Craig’s party.

Home about 9!  My DIL had dropped the kids off at my house for auntie to look after and get dinner (pizza) before the party for my son.  All went well for my daughter….dinner, clean up, a movie and they were all in bed by the time I got home!

Saturday morning just got crazy busy….the kiddies all up and breakfast going, my son arriving, changing beds, throwing in laundry, trying to get the house tidied, the neighbor buying my truck…..yes my little white truck is gone….rescuing baby squirrels (the ones out of my chimney!!) from crows and N & S arriving for their overnight visit!!  All the baby squirrels…..5 that we could see…..had finally made their debut out of my chimney.  One was sitting on top of it, 3 of them were roaming around on the roof or sitting in the gutters and one, who had probably fallen off, was on the ground.  They were all being tormented by crows dive bombing them.  Absolutely the cutest little things.  The rescue was in full operation when I came back from the insurance place, my kids (big and little) a couple of the neighbourhood kids, a couple of neighbours.  The one on the ground was cowering at my front door and attempting to get in the house…..they managed to get him in a box ( two pair of gloves….) and then back on the roof with others babies.  N & S arrived in the middle of all this!

While watching the rescue go down I thought Ken would have been in his glory doing that.  Over the years he’d rescued many baby and big things…..birds, raccoons, other squirrels (from nests in our old shed), kittens that just appeared one day, our cats from trees…..

The chaos finally settled down…squirrel safe and sound and the rest of us sitting on deck with a drink!  A fun evening of an appy dinner and cards.

Sunday morning we were all up bright an early.  N went to have coffee/breakfast with an old friend and Shirl and I were out on a shopping expedition.  Back to my house for lunch and then they were off back home!

Bev came for dinner and we had “breakfast” that was supposed to have really been for breakfast but just no time on the N & S whirlwind visits.  A walk back to Bev’s to play cards for a bit and then home to bed!!

The weather was great all weekend!  Two days in a row of sun and it was sort of warmish.  Today is going to be OK…’s baseball day.  It’s a little cloudy but no rain expected, which is good.

And after baseball……I’m off to book my next trip!!  Won’t happen until next January but such a good deal, too good to pass up!  It looks like it’s booking up fast so I hope we don’t lose out……



Double Booked!

How does that happen?  I’m so worried about missing out on something, I often can’t say “NO”!  Busy is good….but sometimes I get a little carried away or over confident of being able to do all this stuff.

Today is my friend Donna’s last day of work.  She’s retiring after 40 years.  We met way back in the 70’s…..she often tells people that I was the first person she met when she started working there.  I was, back in those days, the receptionist.  We didn’t start working together until the late 80’s but had always hung around with the same group of people at work.  The last couple of days have been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for her…’s that “I’m so happy” to that “OMG, what have I done” thing.  But I know that she’s definitely made the right decision and she WILL be so happy she did this.

This afternoon work is throwing one of those ‘retirement” parties for her.  I’ve been invited along with some other “oldies”, so it should be fun and will be nice to see a bunch of my old co-workers again.  Then I’m going for dinner with some of them.

THEN… was my sons last day at his work yesterday!  He’s moving on to hopefully bigger and better things next week to the company that Ken used to work for.  They’ve headhunted him a couple of times and the last time they just made it too appealing for him to pass it up.  So as of today, we no longer work together 😦   I will carry on with my couple of hours a couple of times a week and backup for their drivers, which is good.  So his going away/birthday party is tonight too!  Not until 7 though, so I’ll head there after dinner with Donna and the gang.

AND…..I’m keeping the kids overnight so they can party a little bit.  My DIL will drop them off when my daughter gets home from work…..they’ll order pizza or something for dinner.  She’s keep them entertained, maybe even get them to bed, until I get home from that party.  I know I won’t stay late because of that so that’s a good thing.

Tomorrow I had an anniversary party to go to.  It was iffy whether I’d go to start because of where it is…..right in downtown, an apartment that the couple owns and rents out (airbnb?).  They thought it would be fun to have it down there but the problem is the parking…..there is just none.  This is the “west end” which is all apartments around the beaches and near Stanley Park.  It’s beautiful but a very pedestrian area.  I decided that I would go because another friend was going to be brave and drive down and attempt to find parking.  THEN my friends, N & S from Sechelt, phoned to ask if I was busy on Saturday…….they’re coming over to visit her Mom, who just had some pretty major surgery for a 90+ yr old.  They’re going to stay over so that is, I think, a good excuse to NOT go to the party tomorrow night.  Too bad because I know it would be fun, other than trying to get there and park.

This all means that tomorrow after the kids leave I’ll have to go a clean up, change the bed in the spare the room, head out and pick up some goodies and hit the wine store.

How did all this happen!

I’m really going to start setting aside one day a week that is a do nothing day or a real “in” day where I actually accomplish something.  I have a pile of clothes to bag up for VV, or better still, one of those charity truck pick-ups next week and laundry that I have not finished, which I started on Tuesday!

Our weather is bizarre…..rain on Wednesday and none to warm either…..yesterday, hot and sunny!  It was 26C (80ishF) in the afternoon….muggy as hell.  They issued a severe thunderstorm warning for last night, which never happened, at least not around here.  At 7 the temp was still up there at 26 then the wind came up and a few spits of rain, the temp dropped down to 16C within one hour so I really did think that storm was going to happen.  By 10 last night the temp was back up to 20C!!  The air conditioning kicked in and the house was freezing.

This morning it’s back to normal-ish.  14C and raining, sometimes pouring….we’re having little spirts of heavy torrential rain for 5 minutes, then just normal rain.  I think they’re saying the sun might pop out this afternoon but we’ll see I guess.

I’m going to try and get as much done around here this morning before I have to head into the retirement party at 1:30.  If nothing else I’ve at least got to give the bathroom a quick once over and get those clothes bagged up that are on the end of the family room couch…….it will get done!


Another Trip?

When those good deals come up it’s hard to let them go by!

India!  One of those places that is on the bucket list but not at the top.  Definitetly two of us and potentially another two.  We’ll talk more today and maybe get together over the weekend and make some decisions.  Quite exciting!

Spontaneity……..I need more of this in my life I think.  That’s what Brenda has made as one of her goals……don’t think things to death.  I’m going to really try this too.  Finding this trip and making a decision within a couple of days will be sort of spontaneous, right?  You just can’t let some things slip by.

Back to the dentist today……hopefully my second to last appointment for months!!

And I’m taking my little old cat to the vet for her “spa” treatment.  The little thing is so old she doesn’t do a very good job of cleaning.  She’s got matted bits of fur everywhere and brush her as much as we can, we don’t even seem to make a dent in the mess.  I don’t want them to shave her…..just seems a little humiliating for the cat to me, so she’ll go in this morning and the gal in there, who is really good, will work on her bit by bit and as often as the cat will let her.  They provide this service which is good as I was a little afraid to take her to a groomer because they tend to want to put them out and she’s too old to do that.  Some of those nasty knots can hurt cats because they start to pull on the skin.  She doesn’t seem to complain but it’s hard to know with cats just what they feel or think.  She gets her ears cleaned and nails clipped too.

Another nice day…..yesterday was awful, as tomorrow is supposed to be.  But if we’re moving to every second day being nice now instead of once a week…..I’ll take it.


Has Spring Arrived?

We’re supposed to have a couple of nice days this week…’s a start!!  So much more energy when the weather cooperates.

Sunday was lovely…..yesterday it rained and ball was cancelled (fields like swamps!)….this morning there is not a cloud in the sky!  Just bizarre but I’m not going to complain.

And not playing ball yesterday was probably not a bad thing since I have somehow managed to injure my knee……a “sports injury” sounds so much better than doing something stupid and since it must have happened at the gym….I have no idea how I did it though.  I was feeling quite energetic on Friday at the gym….even ran a little on the treadmill.  Maybe that was it but it didn’t bother me until the next morning.  My daughter and I googled it and decided I have strained my MCL.  If our diagnosis is right it just needs a bit of rest, advil, keeping it up and some occasional icing.  It’s fine in the morning but by evening going up and down the steps is a bit of a chore.  I’ll see how it feels the rest of the week if not better I might have to break down and make a Drs appointment.  I cannot have a bad knee for my trip!

Which is now less than a month away.  I can’t believe it….time has just flown along.  I’m done shopping…..I really am.  There is absolutely nothing else that I NEED.  Even that elusive jacket.  I’ve got one that will do if it does rain….it’s easy to pack too so will just take it.  Goodness knows I don’t need anymore shoes and I have enough new tee shirts to last until next year.  Now I just have to pack.  I’ve kept my new stuff in a bag so I don’t wear any of it.  One night next week I’ll get everything laid out on the bed to do a final check but I really couldn’t possibly need anything else… least I don’t think I could.

Two other potential trips to think about……both really good deals.  One is in the late fall to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia (Angor Wat!!) the other is in Jan or Feb next year to India (Taj Mahal!!).    Both sound wonderful.  I could almost do both but that might use up my trip fund for next year… have to think carefully about these things once you retire!

I have a big to do list for this week… friends from Sechelt are coming over this weekend (thank goodness it was cleaning lady week!!).  Not that everything is that bad around here but all these little outdoor type projects that you just can’t do in the rain….I love to get that deck all ready for summer but still a bit too early to do the power washing (because it WILL still rain….).  I have a post and beam that needs to be painted first anyway and maybe, just maybe, with a couple of nice days in store for us I’ll get that done.  Before I can do that I have to take down the old heater that we have out there… packed it in last year and yes it’s still hanging there because it’s one of those “not my jobs” thing but then who else will do it?  I tend to put those types of jobs off .  It’s not complicated but requires a ladder or stool, taking screws out and all that kind of stuff….I’ll give it a shot this week.



I must stop this!!

There is a fantastic shoe store not far from my house (too bad!!).  They carry big variety of the top lines/brands….and they are NOT cheap!  But quality over quantity, right?

I had tried to go last week one day but just ran out of time…and then again on the weekend but got caught up doing whatever so finally on Tuesday after work I just went and had a look.  The early in the year you can get there the better because they have lots of stock in and lots of different styles to chose from.  Over the last few years I’ve bought a couple pairs of shoes there.  The lady that runs the store is lovely too, which helps a lot.

I found quite a few that I liked so narrowed it down 3 pair (comfort, practicality, price!) and finally to this pair.


They are comfortable and sort of stylish….can wear with jeans, skirts, capris etc.  Wasn’t too keen on the colour….sort of reddish….but after much discussion with other customers I made my decision.

That “quick” trip should have taken an 1/2 hour but noooooo…..I was in there for over an hour!  Me and 4 other customers……one of whom mentioned that she was going to Italy and needed some comfy walking shoes…..then another one said “I’m going to Italy too”.  So of course then I said “Me too”!  The 3rd lady said she’d just come back!!  Then the last customer said “OMG, I’m going to Italy too”!!  We then ended up chatting about our trips, where we were going, where we’d been etc. etc.  That last lady was doing the same kind of bike tour that Brenda and I doing in France but in Tuscany!  That was fun to chat about.  One of the others that was going had never been so everyone jumped on that to give her lots of advice…..her biggest concern besides comfy shoes was what kind of bag to take…..I showed her my little one and she just laughed and said absolutely impossible to survive with a weeny purse!!  We laughed and had such a good time, the sales lady said we should all come back after and have a “wine and shoe party”.  I think that would be fun…..but god knows I DO NOT NEED MORE SHOES!!

So yesterday the bike ride just didn’t pan out…..too bloody cold.  It’s the wind that is the killer especially when you’re whipping along on a bike!  Brenda and I decided to just bundle up and go for a walk…..with a quick stop at that shoe store (cuz Brenda thought she’d like to have a look….) en route.  I bought another pair!!


There was no one else in the store so no big Italy trip discussions this time 😦 .

The weather is crazy here… minute warm and sunny, the next cold and windy with a bit of rain thrown in here and there.  You have no idea what to wear when you go out…..layers of clothes, that’s about all you can do.

After dinner I went up the hospital to see my ex-SIL.  She’s in again because of a lung infection and dehydration.  She’ll be in for a few more days until they do bone and CT scans.  She has decided to stop treatment… least for now.  She has a brand new baby grandson in Alberta that she desperately wants to see.  But until she’s in a bit better shape she can’t travel.  The plan is that she’ll move to Calgary to be with her girls.  They both have little ones now so can’t just hop on a plane each time she has a set back.  The Dr will transfer all her records to the cancer centre there.  She’ll be in good hands.  This time she’ll take only clothes and personal stuff….not the big move they’d talked about last year.  I think that’s the best decision.  Hopefully in the next month or so she recovers enough to do that.  She is really quite a fighter and trooper….credit where it’s due!  I’m not sure I could handle this as well as she is.  They did tell her that she’s not ready for hospice, which gives her more hope and you never know maybe in Alberta there is still some drug that she hasn’t had that will keep everything stable for a bit longer.

Today is another “in” day……after I go to the gym.  It’s semi-sunny so that gives me lots of energy to do stuff.  I have a pile of clothes on the bed in the spare room to go off to Value Village or somewhere so I need to get them packed up.  Cleaning closets makes me feel good…..and all those empty hangers such a sense of accomplishment.  Maybe I’ll tackle the hall closet later…..


An “In” Day…

Except for going to the gym this morning.

I’ve got a lot to do around the house because I’ve been out so much….no time for housework!!  And believe me, it’s starting to look very obvious…..even with the cleaning lady….I can undo all her work in no time flat!!

I was sitting and pondering life this morning with my coffee.  My life….my new life, my new normal.  I wonder if I’m there yet?

Would I be doing all the things I’m doing if there were Ken and me?  Would we have bought bikes?  Would we have gone out and joined a baseball team?  I’m pretty sure we would have been traveling but you can’t do that ALL the time.  We would have definitely been golfing.

That first year was such a roller coaster, sometimes you really don’t think you’ll survive….just so much change, so much responsibility when there is only you.  All the decisions that you have to make on your own.  But that rule….I read it somewhere….of not making any major decisions the first year is a good one….because you really don’t know what direction you’re heading and simple decisions, like having to buy a new BBQ, can be overwhelming so I couldn’t imagine having to make any major ones.

I waited that year before retiring.  Work and life was just so stressful for those “sick” years.  I don’t think I realized quite how stressful.  We did try the one day at a time thing…..and it did work pretty good.  You just can’t deal with something that you don’t know so why stress about it until you have too…..if you have too!  Work was a bit of stress relief, eventhough there was stress there too.  But it was different stress…..not life or death stress.  After that day, those first few months when I didn’t really enjoy work anymore, I knew it was time to pack it in.  I enjoyed the social aspect of it but I wasn’t looking forward to new changes that were coming down the road…..I was done with “adapting” to new things.  I knew that would be stressful and not a good kind of stressful.  I kind of lost a lot of my tolerance for anything, everything and a lot of people voicing my objections more often than not…..not a good thing sometimes.  For many years….as I got older….I had this thing….I didn’t care what I said, or WHO I said it too.  The fact that I’d been there forever was my only saving grace I think….and they knew that I WAS eventually going to retire.  They sort of needed me, but I think deep down they were more than happy to see me go too.  A very good decision to retire.

Then there was that first year of retirement… was like being on holidays those first few weeks and of course that summer was the summer of all summers!!  A perfect time to have retired.  After the first few months though the novelty was kind of wearing off.  I needed something to do, but what?  I didn’t know where to begin…..traveling of course was always on the table but I couldn’t do that all the time and who with?  I was worried I’d have to start going places myself in tour groups…..that has not been the case.  If anything I have enough “travel buddies” to go off a few times a year BUT who can afford to do that…..hmmmm, maybe I’ll start buying lottery tickets more often!  I needed something to do beside all the things on my to do list.  But I wasn’t sure just how to go about it.  I wanted to start curling again…..but do you just appear at the rink?  I wanted to do more bike riding, but who with?  Not the bike club people… way I could come close to keeping up with them.  Maybe start going to yoga….hmmm.  Join the rec center….and do what though?

Then the second year….a bit better but still a little lost.  Goodness knows I had stuff to keep my busy and some of it I enjoy(ed) but still in a bit of limbo….

I’ve gotten through the 3rd year and working on the 4th and somehow……I have no idea how….things just seem to be coming together.  I did buy that bike and do get out on it, not as often as I’d like mostly because of the weather.  I’ve started play baseball….even that surprised me!  I’ve got a “part-time-sh” job, which is working out good….only a few hours here and there….and the hours of my choosing!  Bev and I play cards way more than we ever did (and I owe her lots of money!!).  I’ve been going to more plays than I had in many, many years….at least one a month.  My social life is great…..good old friends and I’ve managed to meet a few new ones along the way.  Is this my new normal?  Have I found it?  Or does it continue to evolve….I can’t imagine fitting anything else into my life right now.  Summer will be busy but maybe I have to start thinking about what I’m going to do all winter… that said, one of the gals at baseball curls!  So over the course of the season I’ll make sure I chat with her a bit more….maybe they’ll need spares….it’s a start.

I think having a good social network is important.  But how do you make that happen?  I think I was a little worried about that because not all my friends enjoy the same things I do.  Even golfing…..there are 3 of us and my BIL but he’s not around so much anymore since they’ve moved way out of town.  I’m lucky in that my social network is expanding…..not everyone is going to be your best friend, but they don’t have to be.  This is how you find people that DO enjoy those same things.  This just……I say just….but in reality it’s taken a few years, seems to have come about.  I don’t know how or when it started….and I guess it doesn’t matter….just the fact that it is is a good thing!



First Game!

Lots of fun.  And a bloody good workout too!

Took advil when I got home AND again before I went to bed.  Who knew there were so many different body parts that could get achy?

A real mix of people….all retired but ages seem to be all over the place.  Probably from mid fifties right up into the eighties!  Yes, eighties!!  And she could whack that ball way the hell out into right field….and run too!  Some of them have played for years, others are newbies like me.  Most of the women play on other leagues too…..some 4 times a week.

So far……but it’s early…..nobody yells at anyone or gets mad etc.  There was a mini league meeting at the beginning and you could definitely see a little bit of the politics come out….certainly nothing like when the kids played baseball or ringet….now that was wicked sometimes.  Generally everyone is just out to have fun, lots of laughs and socialize…..which I think is great and pretty much how I was hoping it would be.

The teams will be finalized next week.  They try and mix up good and crappy (me!) players (that is where some of the politics come into play…).  I played centre field….and thank god no pop flies came my way…..not sure I could really catch one of those….I think they’re kind of scary.  I guess I should get out and get some practice in…..get the kids to hit some fly balls to me.  That is, of course, if the weather ever cooperates.

Luckily yesterday was our ONE nice day this week.  What a mix it was too… minute you’ve got your jacket on, the next your peeling it and a vest, if your wore one (yes…just in case it was really chilly), off.  This morning it’s raining….on and off pouring and oh so dark and grey.  Maybe it’ll brighten up later……

I’m off to work this morning for a couple of hours.  On the way home I’m stopping at the shoemaker with a pair of sandals that have seen better days…..but I love them!!  Not one, but two straps have broken or come unsewn or unglued.  I’m hoping he won’t tell me to just throw them away… he did with my other ones 😦

I would really like to get a bike ride in one of these days…..I may just have to brave the weather and get out there.  Riding the bike at the gym is just not same but at least my legs are getting a workout which is better than nothing.  My trip of just over a month away……I can’t believe how quickly the time is passing.

I’m pretty organized, clothes-wise.  I’ve bought a few new things but will pack my standard two or three white tee shirts, black capris, black skirt, black pants and then whatever else I think will coordinate.  I did buy a pretty tee shirts…..that has black in it….with blue flowers!!  That is just so not me….but it goes with my standard stuff and will be fun to wear….I think.  I also picked up a really bright pink, sort of a cross between magenta and raspberry….also goes with black.  Maybe tonight I’ll get everything laid out to see what I might be missing…, definitely those elusive comfy AND cute shoes!!



That’s all it does here.  I really think we must have taken over as being the wettest place on earth!  We broke a record in March and I’m pretty sure we’re going to break another one in April.  April showers bring May flowers……and moss and mold and muck!!  Yuck!!!

We even had a bit of a thunderstorm last night!

I’ve been very busy this week.  Worked 3 mornings, baseball practice, drove waaaaayyy out to this new humungus outlet mall ( ) stained my table, had Ken’s celebration dinner, cleaned my laundry room and took my granddaughter to her appointment at Childrens Hospital on Friday.  Yesterday I did nothing…..absolutely nothing.

That mall was so big we managed to get through maybe 1/4 of it……my fitbit started buzzing which told me I’d reached my 5000 steps for the day!!  They even have special tour bus parking!!  There is the usual mall type food court and a ton of other restaurants.  You could spend DAYS there!  Were there any super deals…..that is debatable.  Some not too bad sales.  I was in search of that eluvsive coat/jacket and comfy shoes….found neither but did manage to get a couple of tops for my trip.  I’m not sure if it’s because the mall is sooooo big or what but it was pretty empty.  No crowds, which I’m not going to complain about…..does make you wonder though.  It must get busy on the weekends.  It’s just so far to go….so when AND if I go again I’ll go a lot earlier so I can, with any luck, get through at least half of it….so many shoe stores that we never got too…..

Ken’s dinner was fun,  My niece joined us and my granddaughter too (she was staying over for her appt on Fri).  We laughed a lot and talked about all things that Ken/Dad used to say and do and of course wrote his name in the ice cream!

A bit of an awkward moment when the waitress asked what we were celebrating!  Explained that it was an anniversary of sorts…..and that yes, it was truly a celebration of a good life and someone that we all miss dearly.  I’m sure she thought we were a little odd but hey…..that’s life isn’t it!

Today I’m off to get some comfy pants for ball……some long yoga pants is the plan but we’ll see.  Jeans just aren’t comfortable enough.  I was hoping that one of the shorter, capri yoga pants that I already have would work….and they will if it ever warms up….and stops raining!  I do have an injury though already……somehow that bat hit my ankle.  I hit the ball (hooray!), dropped the bat and promptly stepped on it!  It somehow came around and the end of it hit my ankle on the other foot…’s a lovely yellow/blue/purple colour now….doesn’t hurt anymore but hurt like hell at the time.  The next time I made sure I dropped the bat behind me!  I think I was just so excited that I’d actually hit it and then that moment of admiring it I didn’t really think too much about where I dropped the bat……ah, live and learn!

I’ve also got to get some batting gloves…..they have some nice padding that will stop that electric type shock from running up your arms to your head when you hit the ball in that weird spot.

I’m off for an early start today….I think the stores in our mall open at 10 on Sundays.  A good time to get there before it gets busy.  With all the rain, the last couple times I’ve been to the mall it’s been crazy busy…..I guess it’s a good place to spend rainy afternoons.