A Sad But Happy Day???

Yesterday was the celebration of life for my friend Heidi that passed away in October last year.  Why wait 9 months to have the COL?  Because her husband wanted it to be at her happy place, which is in Point Roberts WA where their cottage is.  Such a pretty place…..she spent most of the summer there every year.  Winter was not the time to have it and yesterday was a gorgeous day…..warm, lots of sun, just what she liked.

After the service at the cemetery, where the ashes are, we all headed to a little local restaurant that was right on the water.  Beautiful garden, beautiful view….kids and dogs running around….just what she would have wanted.

It was sad because she’s gone. Such a great tribute to her by many people….family, friends, neighbours.  She will be remembered as a kind and giving, generous person….and for some of her quirks such as shopping!!  Happy because of all the good memories and lots of laughs.

I know her husband waited until now so all would be just perfect for her but such a long time for him to get some closure.  He said it was hard especially the last few weeks putting all this together…..those things that you’ve slowly started tucking away at the back of your mind all come back bringing that emptiness with it.  He had lots of help from lots of good, close friends which got him through all this.

A bunch of people went back to the cottage after which was nice.  I hadn’t been there for years….Ken was still here then….I’d gone down for the day, for a girls day.  Heidi made a great lunch and we talked and laughed for hours….was a really nice time.  We were going to do it again….but life got in the way and it just never happened.

I think Mike will be OK now.  He’s got a bike (motorcycle) trip planned in the next couple of weeks with some buddies which he’s looking forward too…..you need things to look forward too.  There is no going back so the only way you can go is ahead and you’ve got to make the best of it and take any opportunity to do things or get away or whatever that comes up.

Today for me is a yard day…..I hope to finish the bark mulch and get a bit more of the moss sprayed.  I just did a small patch the other day with the dish soap and water and it’s working!!  So happy about that, except of course I’m going to have to rake all that up and will likely have a few/many bare patches to reseed.

We’re heading into a bit of heatwave here for the next week…..I love it!  Highs up in the mid-30’sC (95ishF).

Tomorrow is the last baseball games of the season and our wind up party.  It should be fun.  I’ll miss it but I’m not that into it that I’ll be joining another league as many of the other do.  Once a week for a few months is good enough for me for now…..maybe next year I’ll get into it a bit more but this was a good start.  Lots of great ladies so tomorrow should be a lot of fun.  One of the best things about this league is that the total cost for the season was $15!!  That includes the wind up party…..not a bad deal at all.



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