I Love The Summer!

And it’s been a pretty darn good one so far!  Lots of sun, very little rain (maybe not good for fires..), not too hot (high temps 24ishC/75-80F).

I’ve been out and about just about everyday for the last couple of weeks.

One of the fun things we did was on Wednesday…..my friend Donna and I met another friend for lunch but because we were a little early we stopped by a winery for a quick tasting…..turned out to be a little longer than quick!!  Tasted about 4 of their wines and then the winemaker came in and we chatted a bit with him…..he then pulled out a couple of bottles that they were working on and wanted out opinions on what we thought about them!  We’re far from experts but he didn’t care because that’s not who would be drinking his wine!

Lunch was lots fun once we eventually got there…..lots of catching up.  Donna and Loyann had not seen each other since out trip to China almost 2 years ago!  More wine of course 🙂

Yesterday was my granddaughters appointment at Childrens Hospital, which is always a fun day for us.  Lunch and then back to my place for the rest of the afternoon.  Bev and I “played” tennis and she joined us as our ball girl and was treated to a couple of bucks and a big popsicle!  She saved us a lot of bending over!  I say “played” because we really are not very good….really, really not good.  It was a little warm so maybe that was out problem…lol.  But practice makes perfect right so we’ll definitely get out again……one day.

A few mornings of work here and there, gardening, some housecleaning (cleaning lady only comes once a month now 😦  ) and I’m not sure exactly what else but I seem to be keeping myself pretty occupied which is a good thing.

The other day I was talking to a friend and she was telling me about a little morning road trip to somewhere that her and her husband had done….that was the first time in a long time that I had a bit of a pity party for me!  Just one of those things that you don’t do when there is just you!  I’d been so busy doing whatever it is I’ve been doing and hadn’t really had one of those “moments” for a long time.  I must say I kind of tuned her out….that’s why I can’t remember where she said they went……it just made me think of that as one of those things that I can’t do now.  I love my lunches and excursions with the girls, but it just isn’t the same.  Luckily I got over it quick enough but I do wish those things wouldn’t still bother me….oh well!

Work today and gardening….I’m making my own homemade mosskiller for my lawn…..I’m just going to try it in a small area first because my lawn is pretty much all moss and I’ve worked really hard at getting the bits of grass here and there back to green-ish (was all brown when I got back from holidays).  It’s just dishsoap and water but you have to get the proportions right or it could also kill that grass.  I’ll also have go and invest in a new rake to rake out all those moss once it’s dead.  Should be interesting to see if this really works.

More holiday pics and reports to come…..Italy next time.  I’ll probably have to do a couple because there is just so much there to appreciate and share.



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