Such a great city!  A real mix of the old and the new…..

Iconic London……the Tower of London with a rather ominous looking black cloud hanging over it and Big Ben.  Luckily we didn’t get rained on…..missed the storm completely!


Many new modern buildings….this one is referred to as “The Shard”

And of course we stopped for lunch……on our last trip I had the best fish pie ever somewhere along Fleet Street.  This was not the same place…..good but not as good as the last one….the drink was really good though!  I was the special of the day….a fancy gin and tonic….so very British!


Fish pie with peas and kale…..and a G & T

As a teenager in the late 60’s I would have given anything to visit Carnaby Street!  Twiggy, Mary Quant and everyone else that shopped there or had their products advertised in Seventeen Magazine…’s still a fun street to visit.  Lots of shops still, pubs and cafes and some eclectic street art.

Crappy pictures I’m afraid….I always seem to be facing the wrong direction and they look so dark!

We also visited St Pauls Cathedral…..18GBP’s to get in!!  We found the “secret passage” which turned out to be about a 1000 steps up to the dome!!  Beautiful church and was where Chuck and Di were married.

London is not the most “walkable” city just because it’s sooooo big.  Thankfully they have an excellent tube system that we made use of along with the HOHO bus.  Once you get to a certain area, walking is easy (no hills).  We did Piccadilly Square, Carnaby and Oxford streets one afternoon.  Another day we did Fleet St, St Pauls and the Tower of London area….and so on.  Our last day we did a “Foodie Walking Tour” of the East end…..will post about that next!  England is a lot more than roast beef and Yorkshire puddings and mushy peas!

This was my 3 or 4th trip to London… time I go I’m going to head north to Yorkshire or the Lake District or west to Cornwall…..I think I’ve seen all London has to offer and there is so much more of England/Great Britain to explore!   I’ve never been anywhere except London and a day trip to Brighton….which is a fun place.

My last trip there was in 2010 en route to Greece!  Ken and I stayed a day or two so we could visit the British Museum to see the Elgin Marbles and all the other Greek stuff that was there and not in Greece!!  I remember we had a great lunch at the Museum Tavern across the street…..bangers and mash and a pint!  Seems like such a long time ago now…..

Today is yard work day……I’m making progress but there is still a lot more to do out there.  The kids are coming over so I’ll put them to work….they like to “help”.  I’m going to tackle my new lawnmower too…..that will be interesting and I’m sure I’ll have a few choice words for it.  But then I can use my new leaf blower….which is just the best thing ever!



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