Jet Lag….Delayed!

I was fine, or so I thought……until Monday!  I could barely keep my eyes open all afternoon.  Tuesday was OK…back to work for a few hours and bought myself a new “yard toy” (leafblower/vacuum) so that kept me busy but again yesterday it was all I could do to stop myself from going to have a nap…..which I did eventually end up doing around 2.  That was after I dealt with the ants!!

OMG….they are everywhere this year.  Last couple of years I’ve had them on the deck but this year they’ve found their way into the kitchen.  I put a little dish of sugar water near the door and just left it for a couple of hours…..I was able to see where they (all 5000+ of them!!) where coming from and, after putting the cats in the bedroom, sprayed like crazy.  They were coming in from under the door to the deck so I sprayed both inside and outside and then spent an hour sweeping up ants, inside and outside!  So far no sign of them today….I’ll pick up some ant traps today and keep that spray handy though.

I’ve gone to bed the last couple of nights before it was even dark!!  That is so not like me.  Both nights I got a good sleep, so I’m hoping today I’ll get some energy back… much I want to do outside especially since we’re really having summer now.

I started going through my pictures…..not as many as usual but more than enough!

London to start……such a great city!  Lots of walking of course.  Brenda and I did the HOHO bus one day, which was a fun way to get an overview of the city.



Covent Gardens… a shopping centre with some great boutiques and just behind it a market, sort of a combination of sourvenirs and flea market stuff.  Fun place to wander around and listen to the music.


The mews behind our hotel…..notice the Rolls! I’d love to live there….once they were all out buildings (staff housing, barns and garages) from the old manor houses and estates. I saw more fancy cars….Ferraris, Maseratis, Bentleys etc. in London than anywhere I’ve been, including Dubai!!


The last part of the changing of the guards….they close down “The Mall” all morning for this….a zillion people out to watch it.  We sort of stumbled on it….my plan was to walk up The Mall along St James Park, which is very pretty with lots of ducks and swans on the lake….not realizing that the changing of the guard was still happening!  As a result it was incredibly crowded with lots of police doing crowd control so more less just had to follow the crowds….be we did finally get to Trafalgar Square!


Very pretty and very crowded….a great place to wander around and people watch!

I’ve been to London a few times and really enjoy the city.  Did and seen a lot of the same things I’ve done before but really you can’t get too tired of doing that….the history itself is so impressive along with the buildings, old and new.  And it was so good to see it as busy as it was…..not so much from MY touristy perspective (too crowded, lone line ups etc.) but for their sake…’s good to see that people are still visiting in droves and from everywhere!  I’m pretty sure it was more crowded that it has ever been when I was there before.

Time to get stuff done around here……that is if I can stay awake!



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