I’m Home!

And back to reality…..ah sigh.

I have emptied my suitcase and got all the laundry done but I’ve still got bits and pieces, mostly papers, scattered all over the place.  All those things that you keep because of course you’re going to get it all put in an album or box or somewhere so you can look back on all those special travel moments…..

Hopefully over the next day or two I’ll get back into my old routine….or with any luck a somewhat better routine….and get posting again.  Lots of pictures but not as many as usual.  I tried to take more food pictures this time but was often so excited about whatever it was I was going to eat I’d dig in before I remembered to take the picture!!

There were a couple of nights that we had super 3 or maybe even 5 star dining experiences in France…..simply because there was nothing else close to where we were staying….what a great opportunity though to be able to enjoy meals like that…..not cheap though so not something that I would normally treat myself to on my trips.

Biking was good….I certainly could have been in better shape, although I don’t think anything except a lot of experience and mega leg muscles could have prepared us for some of the hills we encountered…..we were definitely not expecting those based on the description of our level 1 tour!!

Italy and France are really two incredibly beautiful countries to visit…..the food, the people, the scenery and of course the wine!!  I’ve never been disappointed by either.



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