Bike Trip Done!

And now in Paris……it’s such a beautiul city in so many ways!

Sunflowers in Italy…….fields and fields of them!  And lunch al fresco under the mulberry tree!

We finally have a great internet connection and now no time to post anything!  Nor have I had time to get very many pictures on my iPad.

The bike trip was no “walk in the park”……rather gruelling some days because of not just hills but heat!  We’ve hit the worst heatwave in Europe since 2003!  Temps have been in the mid 30’s C (100F) everyday.  My new favorite word is BRUTAL…..and another one that I won’t type!  The Burundy region of France is truly beautiful……vineyards, wheatfields, corn, sunflowers and wild poppies.

Paris…..there is just nothing anyone can say about it……no matter how many times you’ve been there it always brings a little tear of joy to your eye to be back.  B loves shoping so we’ve done some of that along with a lot of site seeing….all on foot!  I can’t even begin to think of the number of kilometers/miles we’ve put on in the last two days.

Only a few more days and this glorious holiday will be over……I can’t believe a whole month has almost gone by already!!



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