And I’m Off!


Yes, definitely going to be another adventure!

I’m feeling really quite excited about this trip…..I have the good kind of butterflies in my tummy…..the ones I used to get.


My new packing cubes worked perfectly.  I just had the wrong kind before.  I’ll definitely pick up another one or two for next time.


This is the cube on the bottom left in my suitcase above.  The little Kleenex pack is to give you an idea of the size of this cube.  It has 7 tee shirts, 2 blouses, 2 sweaters AND 2 skirts!!  It’s two sided with lots of room for expansion. After all was packed it’s about 7 inches thick.  Supposedly your stuff doesn’t wrinkle as much when using these……but I’m definitely hoping there is an iron just in case!



It is incredibly hot here today!  Summer has arrived in all it’s glory……and I’m off somewhere!  I certainly hope the weather cooperates over there.

I’m taking my coat, so will look like a looney tune at the airport.  Two reasons for the coat…..I have a window seat which tends to be cooler and sometimes even breezy (with no control over the blowy thing!)….so I use the nice little blanket for my legs and feet and use the coat as a blanket on top  AND  it’s supposed to be raining in London!!  A couple rainy days, not cold though and then it looks like lots of sun and warm for our last two there.

Next post will be from Europe somewhere!  London has not been a good “free wifi” city on my past trips and the hotels will charge a fortune for it.  I didn’t even check to see if we had wifi at our hotel, if not it’s going to be a few days until we hit Italy….they are very generous there with free wifi.  Often in restaurants and cafes they’ll have a nice little plant pot or vase of flowers with the free wifi password taped to it.  We have it at the house too which is a good thing.

I’m off to do some last minute clean up for the cleaning lady….she comes tomorrow.



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