Sort Of Ready

But not really……doesn’t make a lot of sense does it?

I made up my “to do” list and there is a lot on it!  It all goes around and around in my head but when I sit down and really look at it, it’s not that bad……just one of those things that keeps you tossing and turning all night and then come morning, after you’ve not gotten a lot of sleep over whatever, it’s really not that bad…..argh.

Still have all my packing to do and a few last minute bits of laundry and printing off all the “e” stuff that I’ll need for the trip.

Yesterday I was a Children’s Hospital all day with my granddaughter, which was a good day.  They were really pleased with the progress that she’s made so she can stop taking her daily oral med and if all goes well up to her next biologic infusion appointment in June, they will extended the time between appointments from one month to 6 or 7 weeks!  All good and my fingers are crossed that it all happens.

On the way home we stopped at the mall and met Auntie for dinner.  I managed to get my cell phone plan for Europe set up too… saved myself hours on the phone today!

Picked up a few things, like more of those packing cubes…..but I think I got the right ones this time.  I gave away the other two I’d bought a couple years ago because they just didn’t work in my suitcases.  These are a little smaller and double sided so hopefully they work better.  Those things do really help keep your packing organized….much easier to find something.  Otherwise I find I start digging through the suitcase and end up with a big jumbled mess of everything in it!

One thing I have to do this morning for sure is phone the place that I bought my sandals a few weeks ago.  The heel part has just about worn off!  Those cost a lot of money to have to be replacing heels already!  I hope  they have another pair in my size that I can exchange these for, otherwise I’ll probably end up having to get them repaired while I’m away…..very annoying!  They’re so comfortable so I really want to take them.

Lunch with my friend Donna, pedicure later with my daughter and just lots of puttering around here this morning.  I also have to phone the lawnmower repair place to see if they have the part I need.  The Community Venture guys didn’t call back….also annoying!  I’ve left them 3 messages now so will just have to give up if I don’t hear anything today, which is why I have to get that part……the kids will have to deal with the grass while I’m gone….maybe if they talk nice to the neighbours one of them would cut it but I can’t worry about it and if my grass is 3 feet tall when I get home, it just is!

The handyman did my deck, patio, mossy side of house AND cleaned my gutters yesterday….total bill $175!!  I am not going to complain about THAT!  If I have time today or tomorrow I’ll get the rest of the furniture up on the deck, if not that’s another thing I can deal with when I get back…….BUT last night at 3AM it was a major, stomach knot, stress thing in my head!!  Just why does that happen!  That thought along with a bunch of other muddled thoughts can really drive you crazy in the middle of the night…..argh.

I do have to still pick up some Euros and UK pounds which I’ll do on the way home from lunch.  I have some lurking around from other trips so not a catastrophe if I don’t get any…..another major stresser (or is it stressor?) in the middle of the night!

Cat food and meds……again it’s not the end of the world if I don’t get it today but sure was last night!

The biggest challenge for me will be getting that part off the lawnmower…..looked pretty simple on the videos….we will see!




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