Quite The Storm….

Last night…..lots of wind BUT no rain, so as much as I don’t like a lot of wind I was OK with it.

We’ve had a few gloriously, hot, sunny, summer days…..I love it!  Yesterday afternoon some sort of a cold front moved down the coast bringing some pretty nasty high winds with it.  The sky was a clear as anything though.  Being on the coast we do get these wind storms every now and again but usually they come along and are gone in a few hours….not yesterday.  It started mid afternoon and just kept up all evening and was still blowing away when I went to bed around 11.  We lost power for a few hours…..just around dinner time but it was on again before bed.

The yard really looks like a cyclone has gone through……leaves, branches and millions on little pine cones.  My gutters are a mess so they’re going to have to be done soon before it rains.  The good news is that I’ve found a handyman….or rather Bev found one.  He’s going to do the power washing for me on Friday….yeah!  He’s also going to clean the north side on my house that, over the winter, has grown a lovely green coating of moss.  I’m going to get him to do .the gutters as well….I hope he can get it done sooner than later.

I’ve also found someone to cut my grass…..just waiting for a call back from them.  I’d seen their truck around the corner before but hadn’t taken down the number.  Yesterday they were there again so I stopped and picked up one of their brochures.  http://www.communityventures.ca/   Definitely a good price and a good cause as well, so I’m happy about that.  I hope they get back to me today so I can have this all sorted out before I leave.  The best part is I can cross fixing the lawnmower off my list…..for now!!

Things are slowly getting ticked off my to do list.  I’m working this morning for an hour or so….really it’s hardly worth it to go in for only that long.  Now that I’m finished that “project” I was working on the daily mail and bank deposit take little or no time at all…..really, one of the counter people or the dispatcher could probably do it then give the deposit to one of the delivery drivers to take to the bank…..OR they could hire a Mom with school kids that wants a few hours of work each day.  After the office stuff she could put some stock away for a couple of hours.  I’ve suggested that a few times so we’ll see how it all works out over the next month while I’m gone.  It’s not going to hurt my feelings if they find someone else!




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