Duck Fat

Yesterday I was in search of this…..and it was just not to be found!  Other than a 2 kilo bucket of the stuff….which I did not need.

The good part of driving all over hells half acre to find it was that I found this place  Talk about a little piece of gourmet heaven for someone that appreciates not only good, organic meat but also wild game and some rather exotic stuff too….ostrich!!  Their prices weren’t too bad either so I’ll definitely be heading back there one of these days.

They were the ones with the 2 kilo bucket.  The lady there was incredibly helpful and suggested I just buy the duck fat (skin) and render it down myself.  Could it really be that easy?  Absolutely!  They have 1.5 – 2. kilo frozen packages of the stuff and it’s not terribly expensive so that is what I did.

I put the whole package in a big pan with a bit of water and let it cook on low for about two hours.  Eventually all the water evaporates out and you end up with the skin being deep fried in the rendered fat.  One website said that is when you know it’s ready for straining.  That skin gets crispy and becomes “crackling”, which is quite a tasty bit to have with drink before dinner but not too much because I’m pretty sure it’s a heart attack just waiting to happen.

It turned out really good!  I did have a taste or two of that crackling……..and yes, it is delicious but definitely not something you want to keep around.  I think I could feel my arteries hardening almost immediately!  I ended up with two small jars as well as a couple of cute little jars that I’ll give to Brenda and Rae when they come for dinner on Friday.  This fat will keep for months in the fridge so it’s quite cost effective doing it this way and so easy so if you’re going to use it often enough.  Potatoes fried in duck fat are incredible!


It’s raining, again or still, which ever way you want to look at it.  BUT….the forecast starting tomorrow does look like it might be improving…..sort of like spring or maybe even summer on one or two days.  It’s not only been raining but it’s been cold!  They were or are expecting snow up in the Okanagan…..I hope that doesn’t affect the grapes!!

Off to Sechelt for a couple of days so hoping that improving weather happens quickly.  Bev is driving this time!  A new adventure for her.  This way if I don’t want too or can’t go over she’ll have the route sorted out and can go herself.  I’m sure it’s going to be a fun filled couple of days…..lots of food and wine and, fingers are crossed, that we’ll have some sun too.



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