Happy Mother’s Day

For yesterday!!  I hope everyone had a great day.

A nice lazy day for me….and I mean really lazy.  My daughter bought lunch, which was great, take out Japanese!  Spent the rest of the afternoon watching shows we’d PVR’d.  Dinner at the kids place, which was delicious…..steak, prawns, scalloped potatoes etc.  I did help clear the table after dinner but that was it.

We had a fairly nice weekend, considering how our weather has been.  A mix of sun, cloud and the odd shower thrown in just for good measure.  Today is baseball day and of course it’s raining so cancelled yet again.  So far we’ve managed only 3 days to play since the middle of April.  We could probably get our there if it’s just spitting.  The outfield does get a bit mucky though…..probably not a good idea for a bunch of old ladies….one slip and there goes an ankle, arm or hip!!  Better safe than sorry I guess.

Had a great time at my “old” friend Linda’s on Saturday.  We did manage to sit outside in the sun….in our COATS!  They’re redoing their backyard……nice big patio and lots of walkways.  Lots of work but will be lovely when they get it finished……they have concrete to do so are at the mercy of the weather for now.  I spent a good part of the evening talking to Mike….his wife was the one that passed away back in October.  He’s still on quite the rollercoaster ride.  They’d just moved to a new area, new house etc. so lots of things for him to have to adjust too right now.  But he’s got a great circle of good and old friends and meeting lots of new ones too….new neighbours that have been great.  Just all takes time……

Now that ball is cancelled I can get things tidied up for the cleaning lady…..one of these days I hope that my house is in order enough that I won’t have to do this every second week when she comes…..



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