Crazy Busy 3 Days!

Friday was Donna’s retirement celebration… started at 2 at my old office.  Met up with a couple of other retirees that were also going, which was fun.  One of the girls I’d not seen since I’d the retired….so lots of catching up.  And getting a tour of the new office… many renovations done since I left.  Looks very nice, bright and clean looking, but so, so glad I’m not there to enjoy it!

They gave Donna a great tribute….lots of material after 40 years!  Lots of old pictures, a couple co-workers spoke and told stories, just lots of fun.  And seeing the people that still work there…..lots of hugs and “good too see you” from them…..a couple said they still miss me!!

That all lasted a couple of hours then it was off to a pub closer to home to continue the celebration with a few drinks and dinner.  A few other girlfriends arrived and then the fun really began!  But I had to leave around 6:30 to head off to my son’s going away party, also at a pub!

That was fun too…..lots of people from that work and lots of their customers too.  A bunch of his friends were there too.  One I hadn’t seen since he’d gotten married last fall so it was good to catch up with him.  Lots of drinks and food too but I was full and of course could not drink…..because I was driving!  I did have a couple of glasses of wine (with lots of glasses of water!) over the course of Donna’s party, which was probably too much really so I had a “virgin” drink at Craig’s party.

Home about 9!  My DIL had dropped the kids off at my house for auntie to look after and get dinner (pizza) before the party for my son.  All went well for my daughter….dinner, clean up, a movie and they were all in bed by the time I got home!

Saturday morning just got crazy busy….the kiddies all up and breakfast going, my son arriving, changing beds, throwing in laundry, trying to get the house tidied, the neighbor buying my truck…..yes my little white truck is gone….rescuing baby squirrels (the ones out of my chimney!!) from crows and N & S arriving for their overnight visit!!  All the baby squirrels…..5 that we could see…..had finally made their debut out of my chimney.  One was sitting on top of it, 3 of them were roaming around on the roof or sitting in the gutters and one, who had probably fallen off, was on the ground.  They were all being tormented by crows dive bombing them.  Absolutely the cutest little things.  The rescue was in full operation when I came back from the insurance place, my kids (big and little) a couple of the neighbourhood kids, a couple of neighbours.  The one on the ground was cowering at my front door and attempting to get in the house…..they managed to get him in a box ( two pair of gloves….) and then back on the roof with others babies.  N & S arrived in the middle of all this!

While watching the rescue go down I thought Ken would have been in his glory doing that.  Over the years he’d rescued many baby and big things…..birds, raccoons, other squirrels (from nests in our old shed), kittens that just appeared one day, our cats from trees…..

The chaos finally settled down…squirrel safe and sound and the rest of us sitting on deck with a drink!  A fun evening of an appy dinner and cards.

Sunday morning we were all up bright an early.  N went to have coffee/breakfast with an old friend and Shirl and I were out on a shopping expedition.  Back to my house for lunch and then they were off back home!

Bev came for dinner and we had “breakfast” that was supposed to have really been for breakfast but just no time on the N & S whirlwind visits.  A walk back to Bev’s to play cards for a bit and then home to bed!!

The weather was great all weekend!  Two days in a row of sun and it was sort of warmish.  Today is going to be OK…’s baseball day.  It’s a little cloudy but no rain expected, which is good.

And after baseball……I’m off to book my next trip!!  Won’t happen until next January but such a good deal, too good to pass up!  It looks like it’s booking up fast so I hope we don’t lose out……




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