Double Booked!

How does that happen?  I’m so worried about missing out on something, I often can’t say “NO”!  Busy is good….but sometimes I get a little carried away or over confident of being able to do all this stuff.

Today is my friend Donna’s last day of work.  She’s retiring after 40 years.  We met way back in the 70’s…..she often tells people that I was the first person she met when she started working there.  I was, back in those days, the receptionist.  We didn’t start working together until the late 80’s but had always hung around with the same group of people at work.  The last couple of days have been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for her…’s that “I’m so happy” to that “OMG, what have I done” thing.  But I know that she’s definitely made the right decision and she WILL be so happy she did this.

This afternoon work is throwing one of those ‘retirement” parties for her.  I’ve been invited along with some other “oldies”, so it should be fun and will be nice to see a bunch of my old co-workers again.  Then I’m going for dinner with some of them.

THEN… was my sons last day at his work yesterday!  He’s moving on to hopefully bigger and better things next week to the company that Ken used to work for.  They’ve headhunted him a couple of times and the last time they just made it too appealing for him to pass it up.  So as of today, we no longer work together 😦   I will carry on with my couple of hours a couple of times a week and backup for their drivers, which is good.  So his going away/birthday party is tonight too!  Not until 7 though, so I’ll head there after dinner with Donna and the gang.

AND…..I’m keeping the kids overnight so they can party a little bit.  My DIL will drop them off when my daughter gets home from work…..they’ll order pizza or something for dinner.  She’s keep them entertained, maybe even get them to bed, until I get home from that party.  I know I won’t stay late because of that so that’s a good thing.

Tomorrow I had an anniversary party to go to.  It was iffy whether I’d go to start because of where it is…..right in downtown, an apartment that the couple owns and rents out (airbnb?).  They thought it would be fun to have it down there but the problem is the parking…..there is just none.  This is the “west end” which is all apartments around the beaches and near Stanley Park.  It’s beautiful but a very pedestrian area.  I decided that I would go because another friend was going to be brave and drive down and attempt to find parking.  THEN my friends, N & S from Sechelt, phoned to ask if I was busy on Saturday…….they’re coming over to visit her Mom, who just had some pretty major surgery for a 90+ yr old.  They’re going to stay over so that is, I think, a good excuse to NOT go to the party tomorrow night.  Too bad because I know it would be fun, other than trying to get there and park.

This all means that tomorrow after the kids leave I’ll have to go a clean up, change the bed in the spare the room, head out and pick up some goodies and hit the wine store.

How did all this happen!

I’m really going to start setting aside one day a week that is a do nothing day or a real “in” day where I actually accomplish something.  I have a pile of clothes to bag up for VV, or better still, one of those charity truck pick-ups next week and laundry that I have not finished, which I started on Tuesday!

Our weather is bizarre…..rain on Wednesday and none to warm either…..yesterday, hot and sunny!  It was 26C (80ishF) in the afternoon….muggy as hell.  They issued a severe thunderstorm warning for last night, which never happened, at least not around here.  At 7 the temp was still up there at 26 then the wind came up and a few spits of rain, the temp dropped down to 16C within one hour so I really did think that storm was going to happen.  By 10 last night the temp was back up to 20C!!  The air conditioning kicked in and the house was freezing.

This morning it’s back to normal-ish.  14C and raining, sometimes pouring….we’re having little spirts of heavy torrential rain for 5 minutes, then just normal rain.  I think they’re saying the sun might pop out this afternoon but we’ll see I guess.

I’m going to try and get as much done around here this morning before I have to head into the retirement party at 1:30.  If nothing else I’ve at least got to give the bathroom a quick once over and get those clothes bagged up that are on the end of the family room couch…….it will get done!



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