Another Trip?

When those good deals come up it’s hard to let them go by!

India!  One of those places that is on the bucket list but not at the top.  Definitetly two of us and potentially another two.  We’ll talk more today and maybe get together over the weekend and make some decisions.  Quite exciting!

Spontaneity……..I need more of this in my life I think.  That’s what Brenda has made as one of her goals……don’t think things to death.  I’m going to really try this too.  Finding this trip and making a decision within a couple of days will be sort of spontaneous, right?  You just can’t let some things slip by.

Back to the dentist today……hopefully my second to last appointment for months!!

And I’m taking my little old cat to the vet for her “spa” treatment.  The little thing is so old she doesn’t do a very good job of cleaning.  She’s got matted bits of fur everywhere and brush her as much as we can, we don’t even seem to make a dent in the mess.  I don’t want them to shave her…..just seems a little humiliating for the cat to me, so she’ll go in this morning and the gal in there, who is really good, will work on her bit by bit and as often as the cat will let her.  They provide this service which is good as I was a little afraid to take her to a groomer because they tend to want to put them out and she’s too old to do that.  Some of those nasty knots can hurt cats because they start to pull on the skin.  She doesn’t seem to complain but it’s hard to know with cats just what they feel or think.  She gets her ears cleaned and nails clipped too.

Another nice day…..yesterday was awful, as tomorrow is supposed to be.  But if we’re moving to every second day being nice now instead of once a week…..I’ll take it.



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