First Game!

Lots of fun.  And a bloody good workout too!

Took advil when I got home AND again before I went to bed.  Who knew there were so many different body parts that could get achy?

A real mix of people….all retired but ages seem to be all over the place.  Probably from mid fifties right up into the eighties!  Yes, eighties!!  And she could whack that ball way the hell out into right field….and run too!  Some of them have played for years, others are newbies like me.  Most of the women play on other leagues too…..some 4 times a week.

So far……but it’s early…..nobody yells at anyone or gets mad etc.  There was a mini league meeting at the beginning and you could definitely see a little bit of the politics come out….certainly nothing like when the kids played baseball or ringet….now that was wicked sometimes.  Generally everyone is just out to have fun, lots of laughs and socialize…..which I think is great and pretty much how I was hoping it would be.

The teams will be finalized next week.  They try and mix up good and crappy (me!) players (that is where some of the politics come into play…).  I played centre field….and thank god no pop flies came my way…..not sure I could really catch one of those….I think they’re kind of scary.  I guess I should get out and get some practice in…..get the kids to hit some fly balls to me.  That is, of course, if the weather ever cooperates.

Luckily yesterday was our ONE nice day this week.  What a mix it was too… minute you’ve got your jacket on, the next your peeling it and a vest, if your wore one (yes…just in case it was really chilly), off.  This morning it’s raining….on and off pouring and oh so dark and grey.  Maybe it’ll brighten up later……

I’m off to work this morning for a couple of hours.  On the way home I’m stopping at the shoemaker with a pair of sandals that have seen better days…..but I love them!!  Not one, but two straps have broken or come unsewn or unglued.  I’m hoping he won’t tell me to just throw them away… he did with my other ones 😦

I would really like to get a bike ride in one of these days…..I may just have to brave the weather and get out there.  Riding the bike at the gym is just not same but at least my legs are getting a workout which is better than nothing.  My trip of just over a month away……I can’t believe how quickly the time is passing.

I’m pretty organized, clothes-wise.  I’ve bought a few new things but will pack my standard two or three white tee shirts, black capris, black skirt, black pants and then whatever else I think will coordinate.  I did buy a pretty tee shirts…..that has black in it….with blue flowers!!  That is just so not me….but it goes with my standard stuff and will be fun to wear….I think.  I also picked up a really bright pink, sort of a cross between magenta and raspberry….also goes with black.  Maybe tonight I’ll get everything laid out to see what I might be missing…, definitely those elusive comfy AND cute shoes!!



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