That’s all it does here.  I really think we must have taken over as being the wettest place on earth!  We broke a record in March and I’m pretty sure we’re going to break another one in April.  April showers bring May flowers……and moss and mold and muck!!  Yuck!!!

We even had a bit of a thunderstorm last night!

I’ve been very busy this week.  Worked 3 mornings, baseball practice, drove waaaaayyy out to this new humungus outlet mall (https://www.tsawwassenmills.com/ ) stained my table, had Ken’s celebration dinner, cleaned my laundry room and took my granddaughter to her appointment at Childrens Hospital on Friday.  Yesterday I did nothing…..absolutely nothing.

That mall was so big we managed to get through maybe 1/4 of it……my fitbit started buzzing which told me I’d reached my 5000 steps for the day!!  They even have special tour bus parking!!  There is the usual mall type food court and a ton of other restaurants.  You could spend DAYS there!  Were there any super deals…..that is debatable.  Some not too bad sales.  I was in search of that eluvsive coat/jacket and comfy shoes….found neither but did manage to get a couple of tops for my trip.  I’m not sure if it’s because the mall is sooooo big or what but it was pretty empty.  No crowds, which I’m not going to complain about…..does make you wonder though.  It must get busy on the weekends.  It’s just so far to go….so when AND if I go again I’ll go a lot earlier so I can, with any luck, get through at least half of it….so many shoe stores that we never got too…..

Ken’s dinner was fun,  My niece joined us and my granddaughter too (she was staying over for her appt on Fri).  We laughed a lot and talked about all things that Ken/Dad used to say and do and of course wrote his name in the ice cream!

A bit of an awkward moment when the waitress asked what we were celebrating!  Explained that it was an anniversary of sorts…..and that yes, it was truly a celebration of a good life and someone that we all miss dearly.  I’m sure she thought we were a little odd but hey…..that’s life isn’t it!

Today I’m off to get some comfy pants for ball……some long yoga pants is the plan but we’ll see.  Jeans just aren’t comfortable enough.  I was hoping that one of the shorter, capri yoga pants that I already have would work….and they will if it ever warms up….and stops raining!  I do have an injury though already……somehow that bat hit my ankle.  I hit the ball (hooray!), dropped the bat and promptly stepped on it!  It somehow came around and the end of it hit my ankle on the other foot…..it’s a lovely yellow/blue/purple colour now….doesn’t hurt anymore but hurt like hell at the time.  The next time I made sure I dropped the bat behind me!  I think I was just so excited that I’d actually hit it and then that moment of admiring it I didn’t really think too much about where I dropped the bat……ah, live and learn!

I’ve also got to get some batting gloves…..they have some nice padding that will stop that electric type shock from running up your arms to your head when you hit the ball in that weird spot.

I’m off for an early start today….I think the stores in our mall open at 10 on Sundays.  A good time to get there before it gets busy.  With all the rain, the last couple times I’ve been to the mall it’s been crazy busy…..I guess it’s a good place to spend rainy afternoons.



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