Three Years Ago…..

It still seems unbelievable to me sometimes.

It’s hard not to get into a bit of funk today… relive those memories…that phone call!

I am trying very hard to remember the good times and to celebrate the life we had.  In so many ways we were very lucky really and it takes all my energy to keep focused on that.

We’ll all do the best we can today.  Out for a steak dinner….”Dad’s fav”.  Not sure yet where we’ll go….probably Mr Mikes Steakhouse….he liked it there.

We all laugh more about things these days when talking about all Ken’s little quirky things….slamming car doors was something he always commented on…..”don’t slam the door”….we say that now and actually laugh.   I think that’s good…..laughing makes you happy!  And we are happy to have those memories.

Our weather is awful……certainly a day today that will help with that funky feeling but I’ll keep busy which helps to keep my mind on other things.

We will celebrate tonight… was good and I have to remind myself all the time that it is still good. 



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