Dumb and Dumber!

That was like Bev and me yesterday!

Her cell phone has not been cooperating……possibly operator error as opposed to a real problem but we’ll find out later.  She ASKED ME to go with her to talk to them about the phone, her plan and maybe having to get a new one.  Definitely the blind leading the blind……that would be much like  someone asking ME for advice about fixing their car!

But we managed and I think I have to take some credit here as being the “dumb” and will give Bev the honor of being the “dumber”……lol.  I am challenged by phones but I think she’s maybe a little worse than me.  The good news is we got it all sorted out, got her voice mail set up and she kept the phone she had…..the only reason I could help her a bit was the fact that it’s a Samsung, which is the same as mine.  We thought it might have been the battery that was causing her grief but the guy said it still looked like it was good so WE decided to just keep that phone for now and that she’d try charging it each night instead of however she was….or wasn’t………doing it before.

Yesterday was my grandsons 6th birthday!  Where have all those years gone?  He had the best curls ever when he was little……but they’re gone now as he’s gotten older and way more hair!  He’s sporting a bit of a Mohawk at the moment (Dad took him for his haircut!!)  Had pizza, cake with strawberries (special request from him) and fun playing with his new ninja “reading” mask (???) and MORE lego!


2 years ago with his beautiful curly locks…..



Table staining is coming along nicely…..just too busy the last couple of days to get that final coat on.  But it is looking good and can’t wait to get it up in the deck and all set up…..as soon as the weather gets better (hahahahahaaaaa).


And now…..such a big boy!


Working again to day…..was supposed to a play but we changed the changed the tickets to May 10.  Both of us just have too much else going on right now.  So a couple hours at work and then I’m still in search of that perfect coat/jacket…..now I’m thinking maybe two.  One for biking/casual and a nice raincoat type.  Whatever it get, you must be able to detach the hood!!  They drive me crazy but are a must have around here unfortunately.  If the weather is just that sort of coat-ish weather and NOT raining, or any chance of it, hoods drive me a bit crazy.

It’s not raining this morning……yesterday was bizarre as has been most days for weeks now.  Turned out nice in the afternoon…..even warm enough to NOT wear a coat!  Sun and lots of blue sky right into the evening when I got home from the kids around 8.  By 9 we were having a torrential downpour!!  Not sure what today is supposed to be like and it doesn’t even matter anymore!!!  I can wish and hope for sun and some warm weather but if it ain’t gonna happen, it’s not going to change what it.



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