A Fun Day!

Lots of fun yesterday.

The first part for me was spent cooking!  I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it….except maybe the clean up!

The crockpot lazy cabbage rolls turned out really good.  I’m sure it was the bacon fat that helped.  I’d definitely make it again with the turkey.


The scalloped potatoes were just OK.  A little drier that I thought they’d be but other than that quite tasty.  I carmelized the onions first and instead of just milk or cream I did a combo with sour cream.

My fav though was the quinoa pilaf……I made it early in the day and sampled so much of it I was full and didn’t need lunch!  I added some chopped onion and green pepper, the mushrooms and a bit of soy sauce.  I cooked the quinoa in chicken stock.  It is definitely a make again dish.  I love the texture…..sort chewy and the flavor is kind of nutty.  Even Bev liked it!!

Just a good day all around.

Today is baseball and guess what?  It’s raining…..argh.  We had 1 1/2 nice days which is a 1/2 day more than we’ve had for a long time.  Hopefully this is just a bit of drizzle passing through this morning.  I’m really anxious to get out there to see if I can cut it actually playing.  I might never find out if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Some friends phoned yesterday morning to go on a nice long bike ride but I couldn’t go…..too bad because it was such a nice day.  If I’d know the night before I could have prepped a lot of the stuff ahead of time and done the ride but oh well……

The big table is ready to stain.  I got the legs back on and my son helped me turn it over.  I could have done it by myself because it’s not that heavy.  I’m impatient when it comes to stuff like that…..I was afraid though that I’d scrape the legs…..which I’d just stained…..and then I’d be kicking myself.



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