More Dental Work!

And staining patio furniture….in the garage because it’s dry!

Back to my regular dentist this morning to get a plan for the rest of my dental work…..I will never, ever let my teeth go again.  I’ve always had horrid teeth….even as a kid I don’t ever remember going to the dentist and NOT having a filling or something done.  As you get older all those old fillings start to breakdown….or maybe they shrink, I don’t know but whatever is happening to them seems to be causing my teeth, or what’s left of the teeth with the filling, to break….hence all the crowns.  I’m pretty sure all this work would have been required regardless of regular dentist visits but the problem teeth probably would have been caught sooner and the necessary work done on an as needed basis as opposed to doing a couple of years of catching up.  All I can say is that I’m very lucky to have such a good retiree benefit plan….all crowns are covered at 80%, if not there would a couple of trips that I wouldn’t be going on!  With any luck I’ll be able to have most of this work done before I leave on my holiday.

The rest of this morning will be spent staining my wooden deck tables.  They’re acacia wood, which is kind of like redwood.  I don’t like the colour anymore because it’s so reddish compared to my new chairs, which are mocha so I had this brainwave….or maybe it was a brainfart to stain the tables a darker colour.  I did the first coat on one of the small tables yesterday and it looks pretty darn good.  This morning I’ll do the second coat on that one and the first on another small one.  I have my dining table to do too but will have to get it into the garage first.  It’s too big to try and get through the house and in there so will have to wait until it stops raining to get it down the back stairs and in the garage.  The little tables are a little finicky because of the slats and all the different angles of the leg things but I think the big one might be even more so.  When I put it away each year I take the legs off, so that’s a good thing, but I’ll have to figure out how to stain the legs….I guess just leave one side not done to be able to lay them down, then do it after???  Not sure but I will figure it out!

Years ago when we replaced the wrought iron railing on our inside stairs (they’re back in now…..who knew!!) with wooden spindles, Ken rigged up a thing in the carport……he put a nail into the top of each spindle then hung them from a line and proceeded to spray paint them ALL in no time.  Not sure I’m up to attempting to spray paint anything, or try to rig up a line to hang them off of, so will do it my way, whatever that might end up being.

The weather here is crazy!!  One day it’s nice and sunny and even warmish….the next day it’s raining, hailing, windy and cold…..fresh snow of the top of the local mountains a couple of days ago!!  It’s April and on the west coast, not Alberta for goodness sakes!

Thank goodness I have lots of inside stuff to do…..never a dull moment.  That and working a couple of mornings a week for the next month and of course searching for the elusive perfect coat/jacket for my holiday.




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