Spring Has NOT Sprung!

Blah…..cold and rainy today.  There was fresh snow on the mountains!

I’m pretty sure baseball practice will be cancelled….at least I sure hope it is.  Would be very difficult to play with boots, parka and an umbrella!!

Yesterday was beautiful….a bit chilly if not in the sun but nice enough.  Went for a little bike ride and it was pretty much perfect….not too hot or cold.  One nice day a week does not make Spring!  It needs to get here sooner than later….I really don’t like the cold and rain….so done with it.

If no practice I’ll go into work this morning.   Lunch and cards at Bev’s and that is about it for the day.

My trip is all booked now….trains, planes, automobiles, apartments, hotels, villas etc.  So looking forward to it.  The final payment for the bike trip comes out next week and then I’ll be able to see just how closely I managed to stick to the budget that I made.  I think I’ve done pretty good.  The Milan hotel was a bit of killer though…..definitely over on that one but saved almost $300 on the airfare so hoping one offsets the other.  The only unknown at this point is what the bike trip balance will cost because it’s in US dollars we’re at the mercy of the exchange rate when it goes through on my credit card.

I might do a shopping day one day next week.  It’s been ages since I’ve bought any new clothes!  Tee-shirts don’t count.  I’m still in search of the perfect jacket/coat (rainproof but not shiny and still attractive enough to wear anywhere….I don’t think one really exists!!) and some comfy walking shoes.  I have my sketchers, which I love but they really aren’t the nicest looking things.  And I could use a new pair of sandals….again they’ve got to be comfy but nice enough to wear with a skirt.  I’ve got just over a month…..can I do it?

I’m going to get a new hair cut too…..I think I’ll go short so it’s easy to manage and have some highlights (foils) put in too.  I have very thin, fine hair and even with product in it it’s pretty lifeless.  I haven’t had any colour in my hair for years but I know it does add a bit of body to it.  I was very lucky in that when my grey came in it blended pretty good with my real hair colour (sort of a dirty dark blond).  People always thought I’d had it streaked!!

Just waiting patiently for the phone to ring now telling me no practice….please, please!!



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