Other Than The Weather…..

….my life is going pretty good.  I certainly can’t complain.

Except for those padded biking pants!!  OMG, they are the most unflattering things on the face of this earth!  But I bought two pair of them……maybe the pretty pink trim on one pair will offset the bum part.  Such a sale at one of the bike shops out here….I stopped on the way home from the kids the other day and had a look.  Called Brenda and we went back yesterday!  Picked up a couple of nice tops that aren’t too clingy but are moisture wicking……we laughed about that being good if we spilled wine on them!

We also found these….


But decided against spending $50 on them…..apparently there are places (cafes, tavernas etc.) along various biking routes where you’re supposed to leave shirts like this….they’re hung up for all too see where the cyclists have come from.

Weather permitting…..not looking too hopeful…..tomorrow is another bike ride along one of the trails.  The entire trail is approximately 28 km.  Not sure I’ll manage to do the whole thing but at least I’ll be able to give my new puffy pants a try out.

Working again a couple of days next week.  I offered to do it so I can’t complain but sometimes I do really wonder what I’m thinking.

After shopping Brenda and I went for lunch (Thai…yummy).  We have lots of fun and some really good chats.  She’s really doing so well….such a strong person.  She is finding that keeping busy is what works for her too.  Still so early in this journey….all those firsts that she has to get through this year…..I don’t envy her at all!  Christmas was really tough for her because it was so soon after her loss but also because she lost her sister on the 20th.  She said her head was just spinning through the month of December.  Brenda is a wonderful cook and baker……she’s on a mission to master bread now!

We talked about missing doing those “couple things”.  Luckily for both of us we have good “couple” friends who continue to include us in just about everything.  She’s still feeling a little like that 3rd or 5th wheel but slowing getting used to, or accepting, that this is life now.  It took me a while too but I don’t even think about it very often now….it is just how it is.  But I do miss doing “couple” things…..going for dinner, day and weekend trips, etc.  I’m not prepared to find a “friend” though to do these things.  I’m feeling pretty comfortable in my life at the moment….enjoying doing what I want, when I want.  Not sure I’d ever be prepared to give that up now.

Out for dinner at my brothers tonight….there are six of us and I think he said he’s bought not just one, but two, prime rib roasts!!  As usual there will be a ton of food….and hopefully that means some leftovers will come home with me.

Monday morning, also weather permitting, is the first baseball practice.  I’m supposed to wear something comfortable to run in….like yoga pants!  I have some workout pants that I wear to the gym but would die of embarrassment to wear them anywhere else.  They are not unlike those padded bike pants…..so not forgiving in any way, shape or form.  But I guess that is all I have so will wear them there and definitely won’t be stopping anywhere on the way home!!

I’m failing miserably at going to the gym.  Such great plans that fall apart the second some unplanned thing comes up….like a phone call.  A couple of times I’ve been dressed, in those lovely pants, and all ready to go….then the phone rings and that is that!




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