Another Busy Week!

What the heck???  I’m retired aren’t I?

Time is just flying by these days…..they’ve been busy but fun, which is what is important.

We had one nice day…..ONE!  Monday was beautiful, not really very warm but lots of sun, which meant I got lots done.   I took the loveseat/settee back to Pier 1, picked up shoes from the shoemaker, went to Home Depot in search of a piece of “thing” that broke on my screen door, went to the garden shop and picked up 5 hostas for the front planter AND planted them!!

Babysitting, lunch and dinner the last couple of days with friends, shopping for bike pants…..which is very scary and sad!!  I have not found the right ones yet….not sure they even exist for me but will try again this afternoon.  Trying to get to the gym more often….and somewhere in between all this I have laundry to do.

Yesterday I worked, which was going to be my one day a week thing but has now turned into quite a few days over the next couple of weeks…..they’re doing renos in the office and Christine is busy with all that so I told her I’d be happy to help with the daily paperwork and banking…….and I was at the time I told her…….that’s OK because it gets me up and out early and I quite enjoy going in there….for a few hours at least.

This morning I’m up really bright and early to babysit at the kids.  My grandson is having some dental work done this morning, poor little guy… I’ll watch the two little ones for a couple of hours.

The weather is not going to cooperate for what looks like the next week or more….this is a struggle for me so working and keeping busy is probably good.  I am trying to remember if I’ve always felt crappy on rainy days……I know I’ve never liked them but are they any worse now than they were BEFORE?  It’s easy to fall into one of those funky moods (pity party??) so it really takes a lot of my energy (psychological energy….) to keep motivated and “up” on these days……but I seem to manage.  I don’t have a choice so it’s either sink or swim……and that has been literally over the last month with all the rain we’ve had!!



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