I Knew It!

I should have stuck with my original idea for the deck furniture…..2 chairs, not a chair and loveseat!  Ah sigh…..

It just wasn’t working out, as much as I really liked the loveseat it’s not practical for my little covered area.   My son helped get it up yesterday afternoon.  We tried a bunch of different ways but nothing worked.  I called Pier 1 and luckily they had another chair and cushion in stock, so my son headed over and picked it up.  I didn’t take the loveseat back then because I had to make sure the two chairs would work OK……you know how it is….sometimes what you envision in your head is not quite what it is in reality!  The chairs work.  I’ll take back the loveseat today.

If the weather stays good, which it’s supposed to for a few days, I’m hoping to get the deck all cleaned up and sorted out so I can start staining the tables.  I have to get that done and paint the rest of the wood (post and header thingie…..) before the power washing gets done.  Then it will hopefully look nice enough to take a picture!  It’s a bit of shamozzle (sp??) right now with the old loveseat still up there.  It will get done!

Fun weekend…..the overnight at BIL/SIL’s was good.  Even the drive there and back went quick…..I opted to listen to my Italian CDs.

Yesterday was the triple birthday dinner…….minus one 😦   The little one was sick so her and mommy didn’t make it.  I ended up with only the halibut…..which was more than enough.  I had realized quite how bit the pieces were….definitely did not need the big piece of salmon filet too!  Here is the recipe I used http://allrecipes.com/recipe/76659/heavenly-halibut/ It was really good but didn’t quite look like the pictures (of course!!) the sauce kind of slid off but was easy to scoop back on for serving.  For those that don’t like fish (my son who caught the damn things!!) I did chicken, a couple of salads, grilled zucchini and the finale was a delicious pineapple cake thanks to Bev!  It was excellent.

This morning, after I tidy up for the cleaning lady, it’s off to the gym!  It’s no use complaining about nothing fitting or looking right if I’m not going to do something about….I am determined this time!



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