Softball Success!

The good news is that I can catch the ball!  And throw it too!

According to my softball friend I’ll do just fine with this league.  All seniors….you have to be at least 55…..even a couple that are 80.  I’ll do a few more practices before I get out there on the 24th of April.  It’s one day a week, Monday 10 – 12.  I can handle that….and even better, this is a fairweather league, so no rainy days to have to worry about.

Seen I’m not so good a going to the gym on a regular basis, this will get me out and active at least one day a week.  Hoping for good enough weather to get out and go for a bike ride one, or maybe even two, afternoons too.  And then there is tennis…..

I have to make sure that I have one day a week to work on my yard.  All that said, none of the sporty type activities that I have on my “to do” list take all day so in theory I could do both on any of the days.  We’ll see how this all works out.  I have all these great plans but……..

Today I’m off to my BIL/SIL for dinner and sleepover.  We (Ken’s brothers/wives) are finally getting together for dinner.  We’ve tried to get something organized since before Christmas and this is the best we could do……but we’re doing it.  I’m hoping it will be a lot of fun…..something I learned, since losing Ken, is just how much the family dynamic changed, so might be a bit interesting.  I know dinner will be good and we’ll have wine…..what could possibly not be good about that!

Sunday is birthday day for my grandkids.  My brother and his wife are off on their great European adventure in a couple of weeks and will be away for two of the birthdays so I’ll have everyone….including Bev, of course,  over for dinner to celebrate all three of them.  I’m going to do some of the salmon and halibut that my son caught on his fishing trip last fall.  I’ll have an hour and a half drive home tomorrow to think about how I’ll do them and what else I’ll have.  Bev….if she recovers, poor thing had a nasty cold, eye issues etc… making dessert.

It’s a good day for a long drive… myself!  I’ve learned to keep myself occupied on these longer drives… is good until you get so far out that you lose the signal….then there are eagles, tons of them out that way.  Trying to count them in the trees is a good past time.  I also have my Italian CD that I could put in…..I need to brush up on that and it’s a good thing to listen to when you’re by yourself in the car… one else to hear you butcher the words.

Doing stuff like this is much easier now…..partly because I don’t have a choice and I’m finally getting used to doing it.  Those first few long drives, alone, out that way or to other friends places were not something I looked forward too…..but I’m good now because I’ve done it often enough. It was a bit of challenge to start I must say….I definitely thought twice about doing it a second time but I’m glad I did.



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