New Patio Furniture…

Is in and ready for pick up!  I’ll head out this morning to get it.  Unfortunately it’s going to have to sit in the garage for a few days until I get the other stuff down from the deck and do a bit of clean up out there.  The weather today is looking good so far so I hope I can get most of it done.

I have to get the new stuff up there to make sure it all fits as I thought it would….if not the loveseat will go back and I’ll go with the original plan of two chairs.

I was supposed to go for lunch today with my baseball friend….the plan was to throw a few balls first.  The weather is good so it would have been nice to do that BUT…..I cannot find a mitt/glove!!!  Not quite true…..I could buy a new one to the tune of big bucks but I don’t want too….what if it isn’t my thing?  I’ve checked in at a couple of local used sporting goods stores but have come out empty handed each time.  The problem is….I’m a lefty so I need a glove for my right hand….and a small one too boot!  I’m not quite a child size…just about but according to the guy in the store it doesn’t cover enough of my hand just below the wrist, so I have to go to a small adult one….size 12 and half would be the best he says.  The good thing about the used goods stores are the prices….I can get a good quality one for around $30, which is about the max I want to spend.  So I will wait….I’ve left my number with them and they’ll call (if they remember!!) when something comes in.  I have one more store that I will check with….a bit of drive but I’m heading out that way later today so with any luck at all they’ll have some in.  Part of the problem too is that baseball season is starting so gloves are much in demand…..especially the one I need!!  Not too many out there….at least in used sporting goods stores and the ones that do come in get scooped up quickly. Oh well…….

For now though I’ll just deal with the furniture……I got the stuff up on the deck that is out there now, so I should also be able to get it down.  I know the kids could help but I want it done sooner than later… I’ll give it a day or two.  If they don’t come over I’ll get at it myself.  None of it is heavy, just awkward.  Where  there’s a will……there’s a way!!




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