Very important to make sure your wheel bolts are tight!  Very, very important!!

Mine obviously weren’t……I got too Brenda’s safe and sound (5 minute ride) then we headed back towards my house to get on the trail.  My bike was making some weird clicking noise so I was going to stop……and I did but rather quickly!  Almost went over the handle bars.

I thought that maybe the chain had came off but no…..the bolts had come loose and it was my back wheel that had come off!  A bit scary.  Luckily I was prepared…..I’d thrown the little wrench in my pocket just in case of something.

Try as we might, we could not get that wheel back on…..one side was no problem but the other just would not go in the slot…..we couldn’t figure out what was stopping it.  The good thing was that we were only 50 feet away from my house.  Walked the bike back and threw it in the back of my car and off to the bike shop.

Very nice young guy….although he had told me I’d put the wheel on right before…hmmmm.  He got it all fixed up…..showed us how to lift the gear thingie, which is what was stopping the bolt from going where it should…..he wasn’t sure how or why that would have happened.  Anyway he tightened the bolts…..way better than I could have….and had a once over the rest of everything and it give the thumbs up.  I took it for a little spin through the parking lot just to make sure.

Back home and on with our ride, which was rather uneventful after that but good.  The sun even came out for a little while.

Our plan is to do this at least once a week…..this will save using the bike at the gym and it’s definitely a better work out too.  A couple of hills pushed my leg muscles just about to their limits but I made it….I’ll have to work on mastering the different gears so those hills aren’t so difficult.

Today is my last day of work…..sort of.  I will go in on Monday when Christine gets back to go over a couple of things.  Not sure how it happened but I’m going in on Tuesday night to help with a trade show that they’re putting on…..maybe it was the offer of a steak dinner that did it.  All is good though.  I really do quite enjoy it all.



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