First Bike Ride….Maybe

But it all depends on the weather.  I’m a fair weather only person for any type of outdoor activity!   From the forecast it looks like we might see the sun peeking through this afternoon so we’ll just have to play it by ear.

I’m looking forward to getting my “new” bike out for a ride that takes in more than just the cul de sac and down the street.  I bought a nice new helmet the other day so I’m all ready to get out there.  When I was buying the helmet….who knew there were so many different kinds…..and so many different prices!!  Some of them were $$$’s.  Mine is on the cheaper side but a good one and even better that it was on sale!  The lady “sized” me up, showed me how it should be worn, which is sort of down over your forehead.  Got it on the right way and she made sure it felt like it should, front, back and centre….you’re supposed to be able to feel it on your temples but it should not be tight… a vice grip.  Then….she was so funny…..asked it I wanted to look in the mirror!  “Why”, I said…..”because you’re a girl”.  LOL….now wearing a bike helmet and trying to look good at the same time is kind of like an oxymoron….it’s just not going to happen, at least for me.  I feel confident that I will not be attracting anyone or anything (animals??) wearing my lovely new helmet.  But I’ll hopefully be safe, which is the main thing.

I’ve made a list of all the house things I have to do… is a bit overwhelming I must say.  Seems to involve a lot of paint!  The wood around my deck, the rest of the wood under the deck, the trim around the garage (it’s been almost two years, so really is time to get that painted!!).  The walkway at the side of the house that I started last year and need to redo…..didn’t dig down deep enough to set the stones in properly.  And of course my “garden”, which needs a lot of work.  Inside I have the trim around the door and windows and the baseboards in the kitchen….my old white is NOT white when compared to the new white cabinets.  The inside stuff I could work on but until the weather picks up a bit there isn’t too much I can do outside…..or there isn’t too much I WANT to do outside….certainly not gardening.

I’m not going to pressure wash my deck this year….definitely hiring someone to do that.  I thought I liked doing it….and I did the first couple of years….but last year I was ready to throw that thing as far as I could.  It’s a spiffy little washer but not terribly strong so took forever…..arms, ears….everything hurt.  This will be the 4th year of doing all the “spring” clean up stuff myself…..where has the time gone??  Definitely smarter and more realistic as to what I can and cannot do myself…..or what I want to do myself.

All the inside stuff just magically used to get done when I’d made a list……now of course I’m the only one that can make it happen.  And I can do most of it and I don’t even mind doing it, it’s just the time it takes me to do it….sometimes twice if I don’t get it right the first time.  My expectations are much lower now……what took Ken an hour or two can take me 5 or 10 or even two days!!  Depending on what it is the hardest part sometimes is figuring out how to do it….thank goodness for google and youtube!!

I been thinking about all this stuff to do because my new patio furniture has arrived.  I have to pick it up….may involve two trips….one for each piece.  I know I can get the loveseat in my car but pretty sure it AND the chair will not both fit.  Then of course when I get them home I’ve got to get them up the stairs…..and that’s after I take the old stuff down for the patio under the deck!!  I know I’ve gotten chairs up myself but not sure about the loveseat….it may just sit in the garage until my son is over on the weekend.  I hope it works OK on the deck.  If not, I’ll go back to original plan of just two chairs.  Which reminds me I’ve decided to stain all my wood furniture (dining table and little side tables) dark.  They’re acacia wood, which is redwood-ish.  I restained the big table last summer and it looked really nice and fresh, so will do it again this year but a darker colour….almost black, which will match the wicker stuff… more for my to do list.  It will get done….eventually.





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