Too Much To Do!

At least I think so…….but I want to do it all!

I’m working all this week….only a couple of hours each day….which is OK.  It gets me up and out as opposed to puddling around all morning getting nothing accomplished at home.

Today after work I’m going to buy a new helmet.  The one I have is not very good and since I’m not the best bike rider it makes sense to have a good helmet…..why take a chance?

My friend that plays ball has tried to encourage me the last couple of years to come out and play… I’ll give it a go this year. After I get a helmet I’m off to the used sporting goods store to by a baseball/softball mitt/glove.  I don’t even know which one!  I know the ball I’m supposedly going to be catching is an 11″, which is softball….I think.   We’re going out over the weekend to have a catching/throwing practice….this should be interesting!  Ken always said I throw like a girl…..this is OK when you’re playing catch with the kids but we’ll see if it works playing with adults (old ones…. thank goodness).  Catching, I don’t know…..those balls kind of scare me when they’re coming at you at what seems like a 100 miles and hour.  This activity may be scrapped sooner than later but I am going to give it a try…..nothing too lose, except maybe a few teeth!!

Bev and I have decided that we’ll give tennis a go too…..and it’s almost time to start golfing!!

I’m going to have to designate one day a week to each activity….assuming that I manage to actually do them all!  I have not been very disciplined about going to the gym…..I’ll blame work for that….so I do need to get myself out there doing something.

I’m just lucky and very thankful that I have people to do all this stuff with!!  Being alone-ish and retired I can see where you can easily turn into a couch/computer potato…and even moreso during the winter when the weather isn’t the greatest.

So all these things are my challenge for the spring and summer……and I haven’t even included the yard clean-up that is so desperately needed at this time of year.  A couple nice days in a row and I can get out there doing something without slogging through mud puddles….that is if I’m not bike riding, playing tennis, golfing……….

I can do it!  This is all stuff I like to do…..we’ll see about that ball… I’m going to really make the effort to get into some sort of a routine that will get me doing everything.  The first thing will be closing the laptop after I read my emails and post on here…..maybe I’ll un-install one of those solitaire games…..hmmmm.





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