I’m A Bike Owner!

It’s a cheapo one but it’ll work…..that is if I can get the tires back on!!  AND the brakes hooked up!!

It didn’t fit in my car of course, so he took the front and back tires off…..easy peasy he says to put them back on.  He showed me and it did look pretty easy….just had to make sure that when hooking the brake back up I did XXXX.  That XXXX seems to be the part that has slipped my mind…..just make sure I put this through that.  Except I don’t see a “that” to put “this” through…..argh.

I did get the tire back on and the chain and gears all back where they should be…..I think..…thanks to youtube videos!  My bike is old….I also think…..so the brake hook up thing is pretty simple and basic looking but I cannot for the life of me get it OVER to attach to the other side of the brake.

When I took the bike out of the back of my car I thought logically he would have leaned the front tire up against the front of the bike and likewise with the back…..however that was not the case because the gears on the tire go at the back.  I had a bit of a chuckle to myself…..I am so doomed if I can’t even figure out the front tire from the back one.  Thank god for the internet!

I’m taking it back today to get him to hook that brake bit up and to just make sure I did in fact get the back tire put on properly…..that would be a bit of a disaster I think if I got out on it and wham….  It did have a kick stand in the store, however, as I quickly figured out when I got home, it was not to be found on the bike or in my car….so will definitely need that too!

If nothing else I learned a lot about bikes last night….not the one I have but other newer models…and I’m sure more expensive.

The front tire was very simple to put on, other than hooking up the brake part, so I’ll take that back off to get it in my car.  I will leave the back one on as I hope it is on right and I never, ever have to take it off again!!

Off to work AGAIN!  Only for an hour though so I’ll have lots of time to spend at the bike store….



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