March Is Coming in Like A Lion….

…..or in my case, what I think is a bear!

My foot print (size 6) and glasses for scale…..

A little early in the year for these guys but I guess they’re just as confused about our west coast weather this year as the rest of us.

It’s March for goodness sakes…..we should be golfing not shoveling snow!

It snowed for most of the morning yesterday, stopped, then snowed again, rained a bit, snowed some more, then froze over night….but today is supposed to be sunny and warmer…this is good.

Unless we get another huge big dump of snow I am not shoveling that driveway again.  I thought I’d get out there yesterday early while the snow was still light and fluffy….so much easier to shovel.

At some point during the morning the suspected bear had popped by for a visit.  Did a bit of a zigzag across the driveway, the across the front lawn and around the side of the house….and off he went.

Work this morning after I drop the car off.  Bev is going to pick me up if my car isn’t ready and we’ll head to her place for our usual card game on cleaning lady day.  I haven’t been too worried about the car but this morning I’m thinking about it…..I hope it’s not going to cost a fortune.  Whatever might be wrong will need to be fixed, and I know this guy isn’t going to take me for a ride (lol….), not how I wanted to spend my money but it is what it is!

I think, other than oil changes, this is only the second time that I’ve had to take charge of car repairs.  That is a good thing because it is just not something that I want to have to do too often.





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