3 or 4 inches so far…….

And it’s supposed to continue all day and into tomorrow……


I just about called my grass guy, not that the grass was growing like crazy or anything but I know you’re supposed to do something to it early in the year….moss killer or lime or something.  I know that because another person who knows how to have nice grass was out doing that last week…..hah!

So my car is going into tomorrow to get checked out.  I definitely need an oil change but he’ll have a look at everything else too.  This guy is good, reliable and one of the customers at work that my son knows.  I’m hoping I get the friends/family customer discount!  The shop isn’t too far from work but too far to walk so I’ll drop my car off early and call for one of the drivers to come and pick me up to get me into the office.  I’m not sure when I’ll be able to pick the car back up.  Seen it’s one of those friend/family things I don’t know that I’ll be a priority on his to do list.  I hope I’ll be able to get it at some point tomorrow but if not between my son, the drivers at work and maybe Bev (her car is going in tomorrow too…) I will be able to get home.  I could even walk home if I had too…’s probably about a 20 minute walk UNLESS I’m slogging through a foot of snow!

Yesterday I ended up going through the kids toys…..some to give away and throw away.  I gave Bev a few of the little baby books for baby Eleanor.  It’s now down to only one half of a cupboard in the shelving in the family room.  This had to be done before I could start moving stuff from the linen closet down there… in albums!  All the ones from when the kids were little, right up to our trip to Disneyland back in 1990.  I used to be very meticulous about getting pictures developed, dating each and every one and putting names on the back then putting them in the albums.  Each of the spines of the albums are dated with from and to dates……

It’s a start.  But along with those albums are a ton of pictures that are just in boxes or bags or those little envelopes that they’d come in when you got them developed.  So just moving the albums is only part of that project.  I’d love to be able to get all the pictures, even all the digital one put in albums.  The kids like looking through them…..looking at Daddy and Auntie when they were little and Grandma and Grandpa when they were young… took them a while to figure out that we WERE young once!!

I think that’s really the only way the kids will ever look at pictures.  We’ve tried looking at some on the computer but they lose interest in that pretty quick.  The one thing they did sort of like looking at was my digital picture frame…..they’d sit for a bit looking at that but then try and swipe the screen to get it moving faster and of course that doesn’t work on it.

Bev has been bugging me to put Ken’s picture back up…..and I really should do that.  I’m not sure how well the kids remember him but at least having the picture there will remind them.  I’d like to get it resized and framed properly…..another thing to put on my “to do” list.

Today looks like it’s going to be a shoveling day…..I’ll get out there soon before the snow gets too heavy.  I tell myself that it’s a good workout for my arms…..and thankfully I have Advil for later!!



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