A Fun Busy Day!

Yesterday…..I worked, I shopped, I cooked!

I’m so lucky to have the job I have.  I’m sure there are retired people out there that would really enjoy it and maybe need it.  Maybe that’s why I do enjoy it….because I don’t have to do it!  It’s close to home, the duties….depending on whether I’m an office person or a driver…are varied enough, not too challenging and the people are all lots of fun to work with.  The pay isn’t the greatest but then, that isn’t why I’m doing it so it doesn’t really matter does it.  It gets me out and about and I hope it keeps my brain exercised enough and it helps them too.  I can go in when I want and for as long as I want….except for in a couple of weeks where I’ll go in everyday for a few hours while the other gal is on vacation (in Hawaii!!).

Then I shopped….groceries…yuck.  If I have a set menu that I’m shopping for I really enjoy it BUT if it’s just to pick up the usual stuff I really don’t very much.  I stocked up on sale items…..granola/breakfast bars and cat food and then  just wandered up and down the aisles looking for things that I needed….because of course I forgot my list at home!  I was hungry too….never a good thing when you are wandering around a grocery store!   I was good though and didn’t give into my hunger pangs.  What’s even worse than grocery shopping is having to put it all away when you get home…..but pouring a nice glass of wine helps get that done!

My daughter has a cold….quite a nasty one too.  One thing on my list that I forgot was soup for her so I decided to make some.  If we have chicken and I don’t have time to make stock, I throw the carcasses in freezer bags for another day.  I’d finally gone through all my turkey stock so seen it was still early afternoon, I got that going.  I now have enough chicken noodle soup for the freezer for a few meals.


Today I’m going to do something around here, just what yet, I’m not sure.  I sat this morning thinking about everything that I want to do…..clean that damn linen closet, go through all my clothes (when am I ever going to wear that navy Jones New York suit??…never!), take more boxes from the garage to my daughters storage locker, re-organize that spare room downstairs….so lots of options.  I just have to pick one and stay focused on it, right?!!




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