When To Buy A New Car

Or at least new to me!  My car is 9 years old.  I can’t say I’ve had any major problems with it….at least not YET.  So do I trade it in on a newer one now or what?

This is one thing I have never in my life had to worry about….or even think about.  If we needed a new car, one would just appear!  Ken was a good car shopper…..lots of research went into it.  Not just pricing but reviews etc., he’d spend hours online.

My car does need some work….that much I can tell just from driving it.  The last time I took it in for an oil change, they told me my transmission fluid was too dark…or something like that.  I’ve noticed a “clunk” every now and again too…..probably has something to do with that.

I’m going to get my son to call his mechanic buddy and set up a time for me to take it in.  He can assess what needs to be done and then I’ll have to decide what to do.  I really don’t like having to do that because I’ll second guess my decision over and over again.

Part of me is thinking just spend whatever is necessary and keep it.  It gets great mileage and I like the small SUV thing….easy to get my golf clubs in it!  But part of me is thinking that if I do keep it and stuff starts going and costing a hundred here….or worst case scenario a thousand there….am I wasting my money?

I don’t think I’d buy a brand new car….too  much money and what if it’s a lemon to start?  I’d definitely get the extended warranty. And the second you drive a new car off the lot you’re down a few grand right off the bat.

I was thinking a used one….maybe a few years old.  You can still get the warranties, which I would do.

And then speaking of money, how do I pay for it?  The trade ins you get a pretty minimal so that isn’t going to offset the cost that much.   Do I take from my savings (aka…..trip money!!), do I put it on my line of credit (interest rate is prime + 1/2%, which is really good), do I find someplace that has zero financing over 5 years (I know you still end up paying more because you lose that “cash” discount or whatever the hell it’s called).

Cars just magically appeared before…..the odd time I did go with Ken, my contribution to buying the car was helping to decide what colour or whether it had heated seats!!  I don’t like having to even think about this.  I really don’t care what kind of a car it is (other than a small SUV) it just has to be reasonably nice to look at and most importantly reliable.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while…..not too hard mind you…..just sort of tucked in the back of my mind and it pops out every now and again….especially when I hear that “clunk”.  I’ve definitely not lost sleep over it….YET!

I’m babysitting this afternoon, so I’ll finish getting the place tidied up and not think about the car dilemma for today….maybe tomorrow I’ll think about it a little harder….




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